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Financial Technology

Financial technology, also called FinTech, is actually a profession based upon using computer software to produce financial services. Financial technology providers are typically startups established along with the purpose of interfering with incumbent financial systems along with enterprises that really rely less about software.

A Conversation With Financial Innovators

Lewis Ranieri, Richard Sandor and Myron Scholes Moderated by Institute Chairman Michael Milken

How To Find The Best Stocks To Buy BEFORE They Breakout

This was a live presentation delivered by Deron Wagner, Founder of Morpheus Trading Group, at the 2014 New York Traders Expo.

Are You a Trader or an Investor?

At the risk of overstating the obvious, there are important differences between traders and investors. Their timelines differ, as do their goals, preferred assets and methods. Yet some of what I have been hearing from members of each group suggests they themselves can sometimes become confused about these dissimilarities. Blame the recent market volatility for this.

Intel sets sights on the skies with drones

Intel (INTC) is branching out outside of its core competency of semiconductor chips. The firm has decided to invest in the drone market. Even though the investment is small, the potential is great. GoPro (GPRO) is also getting into this market.

Five Below Earnings Not Up to Par for Investors

Five Below Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVE) reported its fiscal second-quarter earnings after the markets closed on Wednesday. The company had $0.13 in earnings per share (EPS) on $182.2 million in revenue, compared to Thomson Reuters consensus estimates of $0.13 in EPS on $184.69 million in revenue. The same period from the previous year had $0.15 in EPS on $152.48 million in revenue.

Paradigms of trading strategies formulation

The webinar aims to look at trading strategies from different perspectives. The aim has been to provide the audience with the metrics to formulate, evaluate the strategy based on the paradigms that suits one's trading style. We have often seen, when a same strategy is been used by two different traders, results have been quite different. What causes this difference has been the theme for this webinar.

The best way to trade Forex is with the 100 pips a day Forex strategy

The 100 pips a day Forex strategy. When you learn to buy at the low and sell at the high of the day, You can win either way! Learn how to trade price action with the MM4X price action software or do not trade at all!

Bank Treasury departments are facing major challenges on multiple fronts, including need to meet regulatory requirements and managing the balance sheet in a truly efficient and optimised manner. Professor Choudhry highlights the main problems and presents recommendations on how a bank Treasury should respond to these challenges. Ultimately Treasury departments have to implement “Strategic ALM”, which is the most effective way a bank can optimise its balance sheet.

Evolution of Financial Engineering Courses in India

With the fast changing global scenario and increasing competition, large financial banks and brokerage houses are faced with the need to develop customized solutions and complex models to tackle niche and difficult client problems. These led to the creation of a new discipline – Financial Engineering; and thereby demand for a new breed of professionals. Being a nascent and highly paid field, more and more people are trying to acquire requisite knowledge and skills and move to this profession.

Finance or Masters in Financial Engineering

In the last four years, students from all the inhabited continents have joined the Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading. We train participants who come from very rich and inter-disciplinary backgrounds both in terms of their academic background and their industry experience.

China’s IPO to Resume Back by End of the Year as Stocks Boosted Up

China is in a plan to resume back initial public offerings (IPO) by the end of the year. Great recovery seen in China's stock market is the reason aiding towards IPO resume. Stock market fall down and recovery has inspired policy makers in building up the confidence to handle the situations even better than before. It is known from a source that among fourteen respondents,eight were in positive expectation that IPO approvals will start by December this year.

Curiosity on Automated Trading of Bonds - Spilled Out by BSE Once Again

Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) leading company in India’s stock market has spoken out once again regarding need of bond market electronic centralization. Actually this is the reiterating proposal of leading stock market companies from many years. After multiple iterations, the stock exchange in India introduced ‘Automated Trading System (ATS)’ to bonds in the year 2012. Although ATS got introduced early, till today no bonds got traded through this system. It means ATS is not in use till today. Currently, almost all the stock markets around the world are using ATS except India. ATS initiates centralization of bond market which is highly advantageous for every stock market in terms of improving number of bids, reducing costs for investors, great transparency enabled for investors regarding the transforming information of stock values and many other advantages aiding towards improvement of stock market enabling liquidity.

Houlihan Lokey Succeeded in Tradingits IPO with Gain.

Houlihan Lokey is a famous advisory firm providing its advice services from acquisitions and mergers to bankruptcy. Houlihan has worked successfully on different deals of debt restructurings and bankruptcies. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., restructuring, Priceline Group Inc. purchasing Kayak Software Corporation and Enron Corporation bankruptcy are some deals carried out by Houlihan Lokey. Although it is good advisory firm offering its services on mergers and bankruptcies, it still felt there is a need for some more recognition to the company.

Bank Treasury Risk Management

BTRM is 6 months part time course designed to empower professionals working in bank risk management and asset-liability management (ALM). BTRM is the only bank treasury qualification. It covers treasury, finance and risk and all the aspects of ALM and liquidity management. BTRM believes in empowering students with the most appropriate tools and techniques used in real world by banks. This gives the students an edge while contributing to overall enhancement of the individual’s professional qualifications.

Treasury & Risk Management Summit – 2015, Mumbai

We would like to cordially invite you for the first ever Treasury & Risk Management Summit (TRM Summit) in India which will be conducted by UNICOM Seminars Ltd. India in association with QuantInsti Quantitative Learning Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, senior management delegates from financial and banking institutions will be the speakers and panelists for the summit.

Is China’s Real Unemployment Rate 10?

China claims the unemployment rate in its cities is just over 4%. The World Bank’s analysts pegged national unemployment at 4.6% in 2013. The CIA Factbook puts the figure at 4.1%. It is not clear the extent to which these numbers are based on the same type of measures as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) uses for the United States, whether China pads the figure to improve perceptions, or whether, in an economy as diverse as China’s, a correct measure can be done at all. At any rate, the recent economic turmoil in China raises the issue of whether the jobless rate is much higher.

Simple rule to improve financial decisions

Why are financial decisions so difficult? Not just the ones related to investing and trading but the ones that spill over into every day life. Obviously, the stakes are high because money is involved. We’ve heard ad nauseum about how behaviorally we’re not wired to make great financial choices. Paradox of choice, and all that. So what do we do about it? Some people concoct complex analytical ways of determining how to optimize outcomes in every situation. That’s fine for some things. You can also get similar results by adopting a simple rule. Don’t fight simplicity.

Jim Simons, founder of quantitative investment firm Renaissance Technologies (commonly referred to as Rentec) this year made a rare appearance at one of the TED talks. The conversation was entitled "A rare interview with the mathematician who cracked Wall Street."

Understanding the Uses and Limitations of VWAP

VWAP which stands for Volume Weighted Average Price can be understood easily by taking a closer look at the inner workings of it. We have to understand how the VWAP is being calculated first. For calculating the VWAP first it is essential to take the time bars as input. It depends of every institution that whether it should be a 1-minute bar or a 5-minute bar or so on. For every time bar, the high value, low value and close to value must be added and divided by 3 and should be multiplied by the volume of that period. This end value will be called as weighted price. Keep adding on the weighted price for all periods and also the volumes to get the cumulative weighted price and the cumulative volume respectively. The Cumulative weighted price divided by the cumulative volume will give the VWAP.

5 Main Option Trading Strategies

Option is the choices that an investor has while playing in the market. It is more to be called as a securities contract which will be giving you the right to make a call (buy) or put (sell) the index, underlying equities or even the ETF. This is to be done in the predetermined time i.e. before the expiration date, which is called as the preset time period in market terms. Also it is must to have the strike price for the call or put, which is nothing but the predetermined price for what is being bought or sold.

Paradigms of Trading Strategy Formulation

It requires hard work and consistent efforts to make profit in stock trading. One might hear a lot of success stories about making profits in stock trading but a clear distinction between luck and discipline is essential in picking up such stories. In this post we aim at providing you through quantitative trading strategies some proven methods that generate significant profits.

Building Quant Equity Strategies in Python

Dr Jess Stauth, VP of Quant Strategy at Quantopian, former quant research analyst at StarMine, and former director of quant product strategy for Thomson-Reuters. Quantopian is the first algorithmic trading platform in the browser and a robust platform for writing algorithms, backtesting against over a decade of stock data, paper-trading, and live-trading through a brokerage account. Quantopian also hosts a strong community of quants and developers where members can learn from each other and collaborate.

Algorithmic Trading in Different Landscapes

This presentation was presented by senior QI faculty and co-founder Rajib Ranjan Borah at the pre-conference workshop of the "4th Annual Conference: Behavioral Models and Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance", in London in June 2014.

Careers in Finance for Tech Graduates

There are various fields a tech graduate can opt for, while finance involves a lot of commercial aspects, there also is a technological side.

Forex Trading What The Internet WON'T Tell You About Trading

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  • The most overbought candidates included in this list meet a number of criteria. First, each of the securities boasts a 14-day RSI reading above 70, deeming them to be in “overbought” territory and ripe for a correction. Second, we apply a liquidity screen to eliminate the more thinly-traded securities out there. More specifically, the list excludes equities with a market cap below $10 billion and those with a five-day average trading volume below the 1 million shares mark; also excluded from this list are stocks trading below $10 a share.

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