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Top Real Estate Articles to Recommend to Your Clients

There are literally thousands of real estate agents and mortgage lenders scattered across this great country. Many of them believe in providing solid information to their clients in order to help them make the best decision for their situation. We have gathered some of the best tips and instructions from top Real Estate Agents and presented them in the list below. Feel free to share this with any of your clients that are buying, selling or refinancing a home.

What are Mortgage Overlays? Lender Guidelines Explained!

Mortgage overlays are specific rules a lender follows ABOVE the published guidelines set by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA and USDA.

First Time Home Buyer Guide: The Home Buying Process Explained

The internet is covered in high quality information aimed at helping first time home buyers understand the process of getting a house. However, there is one small problem. There are a LOT of steps involved in buying a home. Most of the articles and videos that are available deal with one, two or may be three parts of the process. While this article could not possibly contain every scenario about getting a mortgage an...

5 FHA Mortgage Quirks EVERY Home Buyer Should Know

FHA Mortgage quirks all buyers need to be aware. When in doubt, a loan officer can assist with your application. FHA tips via Anita Clark.

How To Save For A Down Payment On A House

A down payment is generally required when buying a home. Many buyers don't know how to save for it. Find out how to save for a down payment here!

Winter Curb Appeal DOES Matter: Boost Yours with These Tips

Unlike fall, winter curb appeal has a different focus. During the months of fall, a home can be decorated with a range of colors and easily look inviting to a casual passerby. However, in order to make a home look appealing in the winter, there are different tactics necessary to attract potential buyers.

Certain Homes Can DISQUALIFY Your Mortgage Pre-Approval

When you are pre-approved for a mortgage, take some time to discuss your home preferences with your lender. This could prevent you from making a big mistake in choosing the wrong kind of property.

Summer Curb Appeal Tips: Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary!

Summer curb appeal tips broken down by US regions including Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and Northwest from 14 top real estate professionals!

Never Buy the Best House in the Neighborhood

Buying the best house in the neighborhood is never a good idea. Learn why you should never buy the best home in our latest guest post by Xavier De Buck!

15 VA Mortgage FACTS That Veterans Must Know

The following compilation will provide important VA mortgage facts that are definitely true as well as debunk some commonly believed myths.

How To Purchase A Home That Needs To Be Renovated

Purchasing a fixer-upper is attractive to many buyers. Purchasing and renovating a fixer-upper isn't easy though. Find out the best tips here!

FHA 203k Loan Requirements

FHA 203k mortgage requirements for purchase and refinance. Full and streamline FHA 203k mortgage loans available!

What is a VA Mortgage?

What is a VA loan? Many home buyers ask this question. See a complete veteran's guide to home ownership. Tips on how a VA Mortgage works and eligibility.

Should You Use A Mortgage Broker or A Bank?

When buying a home, what is the difference between a mortgage broker and a bank, plus what are the pros and cons of each one?

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid

A comprehensive guide to avoiding first time home buyer mistakes! Learn the facts, myths and potential pitfalls that home buyers face during a home purchase

How To Buy A Home With Little To No Down Payment

Learn how to buy a home with no money down including information on FHA, VA, USDA, conventional programs and state specific loans!

Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Proven tips for increasing your credit score! The tips are listed based on their importance and their overall impact on any person’s credit rating.

15 BS Facts About Homebuying Everyone Thinks Are True

How can something be a fact, but not be true? In the internet age, it's very possible to find many so-called facts that don't really hold true in real life...especially regarding real estate. So many people have so much to say, but don't really know what they're talking about. Yep.

Don't Miss Out on How to Handle Common Home Buying Pitfalls

Oh the stories I've heard and even witnessed with home Buyers, as they search for the perfect place to call home. I thought, that what better way to illustrate being ready to buy a home than to present the potential pitfalls that you'll come up against and how best to handle them.

10 Common Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

A first-time home buyer falls in love with a property: afraid to lose out, any & all helpful advice gets thrown out the window, an offer gets put in and accepted. This first-time home buyer has now spent more than he can afford on less of a house that he wanted.

Documents Needed When Applying For A Mortgage

You are excited about the prospect of owning your own home, have worked hard to ensure your credit score is decent, and believe you are just about ready to discuss loan options with a lender. Before meeting with a lender, or going out house hunting, you need to start gathering the documents needed when applying for a mortgage.

Protect Your Earnest Money Deposit When Buying a Home

One of the first requirements when buying a home is an "Earnest Money Deposit" or "EMD". The listing agent will suggest an amount in the MLS. In Las Vegas 2-5% is typical for offers involving financing.

21 Real Estate Terms You Should Be Familiar With - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate

All too often when buying or selling a home we run across a number of different real estate terms that we don't usually encounter in our day to day lives. In this post I define/explain many of the common terms you will come across during a real estate transaction.

7 Extra First Time Home Buyer Expenses You Should Know

Buying your first home is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience. You have been imagining home ownership for years and are so thrilled to be making it a reality. When you view your dream home, you begin to envision how great your life will be in it and you can't wait to sign on the dotted line.

Is Buying A Foreclosure A Good Idea In Real Estate?

When a buyer decides they are ready to purchase a home one of the most frequently asked questions from home buyers is, "should I buy a foreclosure?" The answer to this common question is that it depends and there is no absolute answer.