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Updated by Palak Iyer on Nov 26, 2017
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Top 10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Will Be the Best President

Here are the top 10 reasons why Hillary Clinton will be the best President of the United States if she is elected.


Hillary is a Movement

Many candidates simply boost their campaign with old ideas that will keep them safe in the public eye. Hillary is not afraid to put her ideas out there, regardless of public opinion. Her upcoming changes for America stage a movement, and not just a campaign.


Hillary will fight for Women in the Workplace

Clinton is not afraid to fight for the rights of women in the workplace. To this very day, women face discrimination in the light of income, making only 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. Women of color have it even worse. Hillary will work with all women to shatter the glass ceiling- which should have been cracked many years ago.


Hillary will obtain Women's Health Rights

With every Republican candidate out to defund Planned Parenthood, voting for Hillary Clinton means fair rights to women everywhere regarding health resources. Women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights. That is a message that Hillary will gladly deliver to the entire world.


She is Qualified

Hillary's impressive résumé is by itself, enough to get her elected as President of the United States. Being a successful Lawyer, Senator, and U.S Secretary are just a few items off of her list that will ensure her success in making America great!


She has played a great role in the Whitehouse

As First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), Hillary had helped Bill Clinton formulate many of his successful policies. She has sat in on more meetings and helped with decision making more than any other FLOTUS in past history. Since she has had this experience of creating laws in the Whitehouse, her role as President of the United States (POTUS) should be first nature to her.


Hillary Clinton is Authentic

When a POTUS candidate usually recalls the "struggles" they have been through or their interest for the American population, they usually seem menial in their intent. Hillary's ambition is by no means trivial, as she connects to her voters by understanding and listening to what they need help with. Her personal anecdotes really makes the difference: she is willing to share her story with us, so that we can share our story with her. And she cares about what we say.


Foreign Policy is her specialty

A vast knowledge of foreign policy is an extremely important factor when running for POTUS. Many candidates overlook outsiders, since they don't think it is that important. However, maintaining good relations with other countries is what runs the world, and Hillary knows that "Hillary traveled to 112 countries, making her the most widely traveled secretary of state in history. She attended 306 diplomatic meetings and spent the equivalent of 87 full days on airplanes. By these stats alone, she is ahead of any of her Democratic or Republican challengers on familiarity with world leaders, their allies and agendas" (CNBC). Enough said.


She cares for every American

No matter which party you affiliate with, Hillary Clinton supports you and is currently fighting for you. She is fighting for educational rights, making sure that the hardest part of college, is not paying for college. She just proposed a drug rehab act, that would help millions of families everywhere, gain access to resources that are hard to come by. Simply put, she fights to make policy for the people, a reality.


She is Progressive

Hillary believes in progress for the American people. With candidates from the GOP holding the United States back, there is no room for growth. For example, Ted Cruz's lack of belief in climate change, Rand Paul's belief that vaccines cause mental disorders, and Rubio's views that women should not be allowed an abortion even under the conditions of rape and incest, are all just minor examples of how the USA will be held back from any progress if any member of the GOP party is elected. Hillary fights for research in women's health, medical progressions, equality party, marriage equality, climate change, and much more. Her funding would promote growth, which is what America needs.


Hillary is not afraid to fight for the Middle Class.

Currently, every GOP member say that they support the middle class, when in reality, they simply want tax breaks for those whom can afford everything they could ever dream of. It is a sad fact that the billionaires of today pay the same percent of taxes of those who earn a five-figure salary. Tax reform is needed. And tax breaks should be issued to the middle class and those who actually need it. And Hillary is ready to fight for that.