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Updated by Afton Negrea on Aug 31, 2015
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10 Awesome Ways to Use Zapier

Say "Hi" to Twitter Every Morning

This Zap says Hi to my followers every morning at 8am and asks what's going on.

LinkedIn New Job to Send New Email

This Zap selectively emails me based on my filters for specific job postings on LinkedIn that I might be interested in.

Save new Gmail attachments (original file format) to Google Drive

Want an easier way to manage your email attachments? With this integration, new incoming Gmail email attachments are automatically saved in Google Drive as the original file format (e.g. PDF, PNG or DOCX). You'll never need to hunt for an old email just to find its attachment again. ## How ...

Automatically add new Eventbrite attendees to an AWeber mailing list.

Create GoToWebinar Registrant from Constant Contact Registrant

Create new GoToWebinar registrants from new Constant Contact registrants.

RSS of New Evernote Notes

Create an RSS feed of new Evernote notes.

I really want to know when my clients get mentioned in major publications. I have this Zap setup to call me when my client gets mentioned in major publications like NYTimes, WSJ, TechCrunch and other big sites. Put the sites RSS feed you want to monitor ...

Freshbooks Invoice from PayPal Sale

Create Freshbooks invoice from new PayPal sales.

Auto Share Instagram Photos to Your Facebook Page

If you want to share photos from Instagram to a Facebook Page it's fairly manual. This integration automates the process so new photos on Instagram go straight to Facebook Page. ## How It Works 1. Take a photo on Instagram 2. Zapier will automatically share the photo on a Facebook ...

Create Asana Task from Gmail Email

Wish you could make Gmail and Asana talk to each other? With Zapier it's as easy as drag-and-drop. One popular use case might be: Automatically create new Asana tasks by sending an email to a Zapier given email address. The best part is you can get started right now by ...