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Snorkelling Spots to Try in Maldives - an idyllic location

The beautiful Maldive Islands are an ideal destination for snorkelling, offering excellent conditions for the enthusiast. Some of the outstanding snorkelling spots are described below.


Angsana Ihuru

Angsana Ihuru is renowned for its wonderful house reef. A house reef is a feature of nature where you will find a host of colourful corals and ocean denizens including flocks of brightly coloured fish. At Angsana Ihuru you will even find a picturesque shipwreck, the Rannamari, which was intentionally sunk in 1999 to create an attraction for divers. Today this sizable wreck is covered with exotic corals and unusual polyps whilst creatures like groupers, stingrays, fusiliers and batfish frolic nearby. If you are fortunate you may even have the luck to see a moray eel or nurse shark at this location.


Fihalhohi Island

This island which features a house reef located in proximity to the shore is considered to be a prime spot for snorkelling. Although you will not find extensive stretches of coral here, you will be enthralled by the remarkable ocean creatures who frequent this site, including eels, sharks, rays, lion fish, parrotfish, squid and many other kinds of colourful fish. If you love watching different kinds of marine creatures you are sure to be captivated by this snorkelling location.



The reef at Biyadhoo surrounds the island and may be conveniently accessed from the shore. This reef is remarkable for featuring no less than seven entry channels which pass through coral stalagmite formations. You will find an undersea cavern here which is inhabited by numerous nudibranches, ghost pipefish and other unusual sea creatures. If you have a penchant for rare sea denizens you will be enthralled by this remarkable site.



In the year 1998 El Nino affected the Maldive Islands, altering the colours of many colourful local coral reefs. However the coral formations at Kandholhu remained largely unaffected by this occurrence. The reef here is extensive and beautifully preserved, being considered noteworthy for its largely pristine condition. At this location you will have the opportunity to observe picturesquely colourful coral formations which are frequented by creatures like oriental sweetlips, soldier fish and groupers. Many of the corals here are intact and eye-catching, creating an engrossing sight for the snorkeler.



The reef at this attractive island may be reached through a number of entry points. In addition to the more mundane fish this intriguing locality is often frequented by whale sharks and manta rays. If you choose to dive here you will have the opportunity to explore two sunken vessels, which are surrounded by nurse sharks, stingrays and other kinds of marine denizens. An excellent accommodation choice from which to explore these wonders of nature would be the Naladhu Maldives, a quality resort that offers fine accommodations in a picturesque setting for those on the lookout for good Maldives luxury resorts to be at.



This reef is an attractive natural feature where you may encounter strong currents. There is much to admire at this unusual reef where you will find many things to observe and experience. Interestingly some snorkelling enthusiasts maintain that this site may be snorkelled conveniently without the need for foot flippers. They say that flippers will not add greatly to your speed here, and that they may damage the coral formations if you wear them.