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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 25.08 – 31.08.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 25.08 – 31.08.2015

Karol Okrasa dziennikarzem w nowych reklamach Lidla (wideo)

Z początkiem nowego tygodnia w wybranych tytułach prasowych i na nośnikach outdoorowych pojawiła się reklama z Karolem Okrasą w garniturze i z mikrofonem w ręku oraz hasłem: „Czy Karol zostanie dziennikarzem?" i informacją, że odpowiedź poznamy 3 września. Ponadto na YouTubie ruszył kanał Okrasa TV, a w telewizji i internecie zaczęto emitować spot pokazujący mało udane próby dziennikarskie kucharza.

Ranking marek polskiego Snapchata by

Ranking najpopularniejszych marek na polskim Snapchacie uzupełniamy na żywo. Jeśli brakuje Cię w tym zestawieniu, zgłoś się Co musisz zrobić, aby znaleźć się w rankingu?

Madden NFL 2016: The Epic Launch Movie | Digital Buzz Blog

I'm not sure what I just watched. But I loved it. The new 2016 Madden NFL game by EA Sports is open for pre-orders on the back of this launch film, which I must say, is pretty cool. The film pulls together a team of world-renowned artists for an epic movie parody trailer, "Madden: The Movie."

Which Facebook Pages Were On Top Down Under in the Second Quarter?

The top Facebook page in Australia in terms of engagement in the second quarter of 2015 was Today, while Tourism Australia topped the land Down Under in terms of likes, according to the latest Australian Facebook Performance Report by Online Circle Digital for Social Pulse. Is Now Turning Your Best Summer Snapshots Into Clever, Silly GIFs

Summer may be coming to an end, but here's a fun way to keep reliving the good times-high-quality GIFs of your photos from the season, courtesy of The Priceline-owned online travel agency is inviting consumers to submit pics of their summer adventures, then turning its favorites into animated GIFs.

How Facebook Decides What's Trending

People get their news from Facebook - a lot of people, it turns out. What that news is, though, depends on whom you follow and what pages you like. It also depends on what the broader Facebook community chooses to talk about.

Flipboard introduces GIF-like looping video ads for brands

Ads on Flipboard are about to become more powerful: brands can now submit looping video commercials. VentureBeat reports that the ads will autoplay silently as you scroll through your news, as is commonplace on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. One unique aspect, however is a feature called Cinema Loops, which are basically short repeating sections of the video.

Microsoft releases Cortana for Android beta

An early version of Microsoft's Cortana app for Android leaked last month, but the software maker is now making it official. Microsoft is releasing a beta of Cortana for Android today for anyone to download and install. Microsoft has been gradually tweaking and improving Cortana for Android since its release to a limited amount of testers last month.

The oldest wombat in captivity celebrates 30th birthday on Tinder

Patrick the wombat is hoping to find love on his 30th birthday. Patrick, known affectionately as Paddy, lives at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Australia and has long been the subject of adoration from fans around the world but now he is looking for true animal love.

WhatsApp (Android) gets custom notifications and new emoji

WhatsApp has updated its messaging app on Android with a bunch of useful new features today, giving users better control over notifications from individual contacts. The ability to toggle the read status of chats showed up in an earlier build last month, but it's here for all users now.

Facebook Upgrades Moments - But is it Actually a Facebook Experiment?

Earlier this year, Facebook launched a new app called 'Moments' which scans through the images on your camera roll and automatically sorts them into sets based on locations, events, people and groups. The app has now got it's first upgrade - but is it actually just a Facebook experiment to capture more data?

Facebook Tests New Story Post Format

Facebook is testing a new post format, called a story, that allows users to upload a photo album that displays as an automatically-playing slideshow on News Feed. Facebook confirmed to SocialTimes that this is a test: We're testing a new way to view albums on Facebook.

YouTube Gaming, Google's anti-Twitch, officially launches on August 26

In June, Google announced a new YouTube spinoff to compete with Amazon's Twitch. The company has confirmed that YouTube Gaming will officially launch on August 26. YouTube Gaming will feature more than 25,000 pages for various game titles, each with livestreams, promotional videos, gameplay footages and more.

Google Map Maker is now online again in over 50 countries

Google continues to reopen Map Maker, bringing it back to 45 countries today including the US. Map Maker was shut down in May after a series of embarrassing user edits began showing up on the public Google Maps.

YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Lipcowy ranking reklam | YT360.PL

Co miesiąc, prezentujemy wam wiele zestawień, dotyczących najpopularniejszych filmów publikowanych na YouTube. Swój ranking regularnie publikuje Sotrender, a od niedawna również Muse. Zaglądamy również do zagranicznych zestawień, które ReelSEO tworzy razem z firmą Tubular. Dziś, mamy dla was coś prosto od Google... YouTube Ads Leaderboard to zestawienie reklam, które najchętniej oglądają internauci w poszczególnych krajach.

Google Calendar is getting much smarter for business users

Google Apps users are going to start having an easier time managing their calendar. With an update rolling out this week, Google Calendar will begin automatically grabbing events that it detects in Gmail - like flights and hotel or restaurant reservations - and adding an entry for them.

YouTuber films Mad Max GoKart Paintball War in glorious 4K

Today the creative video maker Devin Super Tramp has released a tribute to the action film of the summer: Mad Max: Fury Road. This tribute is not just a bunch of dust-coated Warboys firing arrows at one another in cobbled-together monster machines, but something so much more wonderful.

Ad of the Day: Target Celebrates the Wonderfully Real Moments of Being a Star Wars Fan

In terms of fandom, Star Wars is one of the most powerful franchises in the universe. And with the impending release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Dec. 18, we're about to be inundated with the film's merchandising push. But such rampant consumerism doesn't always have to be part of The Dark Side.

Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon - soundtrack już dostępny w serwisach Spotify, Deezer, Tidal i Apple Music

Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon to jedna z najlepszych gier wideo wydanych w tym roku. Polscy producenci stanęli na wysokości zadania i zdobyli uznanie na całym świecie. Jednym z bardzo udanych elementów gry jest ścieżka dźwiękowa, której od dziś mogą słuchać posiadacze kont w serwisach streamingowych, takich jak Spotify, Deezer i Apple Music.

Nescafé z niestandardową kampanią na przejściach dla pieszych (wideo)

Akcja prowadzona pod hasłem „Nescafé's Instant Connections" w ciągu jednego dnia spowodowała połączenie 600 osób. Umożliwiały to maszyny imitujące automaty do kawy. Zainstalowano w nich ukryte kamery wyglądające jak zwykłe przyciski. Na tych umieszczono ekrany pokazujące osoby znajdujące się po drugiej stronie przejścia dla pieszych i hasło „naciśnijcie razem".

The 30 most creative people in advertising 2015

Adland often bemoans that the glamourous Mad Men of old are being replaced with "Math Men," now that more focus is being placed on data and programmatic advertising. But creativity still reigns when it comes to grabbing consumer's attention and actually making them feel something or perform an action after seeing an ad.

McDonald's Rebuffs Burger King's International Day of Peace "McWhopper" Proposal

It must've seemed like such a great idea at the time. Sitting around the Burger King boardroom, talking about things the brand could to to raise awareness for the UN's International Day of Peace on September 21st. And all of a sudden there it is.

Sorry, Burger King: McDonald's just said no to your joint 'McWhopper' burger idea

Burger King took out a full-page, open-letter-style ad in The New York Times and Chicago Tribune this morning, calling for a truce with McDonald's and suggesting they join forces to create a "McWhopper" burger. But McDonald's is having none of it.

YouTube Gaming launches Aug. 26 with website and mobile apps

Google will launch YouTube Gaming, the streaming video site's gaming-focused service, Aug. 26 on the web and in dedicated Android and iOS apps, Google announced today. YouTube Gaming, which YouTube and parent company Google announced in June, is meant to be a one-stop shop for people looking for gaming video content.

Facebook's M is a Siri-like personal assistant for Messenger

Facebook's Vice President of Messaging Products David Marcus today announced a new service called M. M is designed to be your personal assistant, which you can use to ask for recommendations such as gift ideas or restaurants to visit when you're traveling. Currently in testing, M also helps users send shipments and book appointments.