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Updated by Medical Hospital Furniture on Apr 04, 2017
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Medical Hospital Furniture Suppliers in India

We are one of the renowned manufacutrers and suppliers of hospital furniture & medical equipments in India.

Hospital Furniture Suppliers | Medical Equipments Manufacturer India

Desco is the leading brand in manufacturing of medical equipments, hospital furniture and surgical instruments in India

Ambulance Stretchers Manufacturers India | DESCO

A leading manufacturer of ambulance stretchers and other medical equipment is DESCO INDIA (Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd). DESCO INDIA is a leading manufacturer of ambulance stretchers that are especially designed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the patient and are easy to carry anywhere as are foldable.

Orthopedic Mattress Manufacturers India | DESCO

DESCO India is one of most trusted and reputed brands of hospital items whether its medical instrument, hospital bed or hospital Orthopedic Mattress. These mattresses are designed to provide great relief to their patients and also very easy to clean so it becomes very easy to maintain standard hygiene level in hospital.

DESCO India: Best Medical Furniture Manufacturers for Hospitals

In any hospital or clinic, medical furniture equipped with all modern facilities play important role in health care. Good quality furniture not only helps doctors to perform medical treatments with utmost safety and ease but also comforts patients while their stay in hospitals.

The Need For Hospital Bed Suppliers: A Pivotal Issue

Health is one of the most basic requirement and right of each and every individual in world. There are many hospitals, nursing centres, clinics, medical institutions etc that actually lay down the base for efficient healthcare delivery that is supported by doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

Modern Hospital Tables The Key To Successful Treatments

Hospitals are known to be the lifeline of humanity. Each day millions of ailing individuals contact hospitals in order to get relief from their diseases. It is essential for a hospital to equip itself with modern infrastructure, equipment and paraphernalia, etc. to effectively treat an ailing soul.

Delivering the Finest Furniture for your Hospital

As it is rightly said one should not compromise when the question is about life and death. With this motive in mind Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd known as DESCO R.K. Sabharwal , founder and managing director of DESCO brand, with an idea of giving best of equipments to the hospitals in our country the DESCO group was incorporated in the year 2005.

Modern Medical Delivery Beds Providing Comfort And Ease While Treatment

Everyday many people visit hospitals with their medical problems seeking treatment. In medical treatments, hospital infrastructure plays an important role. Good quality modern furniture not only helps doctors to treat patients with utmost safety but also helps patients to feel comfort while staying in hospitals.

Medical Hospital Cabinet Manufacturers by Rohit Sabharwal

Every day many people visit hospitals for the treatment of their disease. It is very important for any hospital to provide facilities for the comfort of patients in hospitals and doctors to cure the d...

Modern Hospital Stretchers by DESCO

In any hospital, Stretchers play an important role to shift patient from one place to another or to take equipments and medical tools from one place to another. There are many uses of stretchers and according to the field of application DESCO Medical India has different kind of stretchers available for any Hospital.

Hospital Waste Bins Manufacturers

Waste is a substance that is disposed off. Hospital wastes consist of various things such as hospital accessories such as used syringes, needles, cloth gauze, medicine bottles, and many other substances. The different ways to dispose waste Hospital waste management is a very necessary part of hospital sanitation as it helps in reducing the amount of waste products and thus keeping the hospital clean.

Setting Up Hospital? Get The Furniture Online!

When you will know your requirement then it will be very easy to get the furniture through online like Hospital Mattress, operation table, bed sheet and so on. This will help you to get the required furniture without wasting your time.

Waste Bins for Your Hospitals

Plastic Waste Bin has excellent durability. It can last for longer period. Cost wise Plastic Waste Bin is economical too. It actually saves a lot of money. You can easily carry it from one place to another without any fear of breakage. Order it only from our website.

Hydraulic Delivery Bed Complete Support to the Women

Hydraulic Delivery Bed offers complete support to the women with utmost care and concern. The bed makes the patient rest comfortably over foam mattress which has scratch resistant epoxy coating. The bed is scientifically designed and can be converted into delivery table easily without moving the patient during emergencies.  The adjustable backrest and the Hydraulic system supported flexible foot pedals on both sides of bed keeps the patient relaxed during the operation.

Waste Bins for Your Hospitals

Hospital is not all about the white coats and the patients. It is more than that. Huge amount of waste is produced everyday in hospital and it...

Hospital Patient Transfer Trolley System

Whenever there is a case of an emergency in a hospital and the patient needs some critical care right away, what is the first thing that the hospital crew do? They shift the patient from its ward to an ICU or the Intensive Care Unit. But wait a minute, how did they do that, means shifting the patient from one place to other. Yes! You guessed it right; they make use of a trolley that helps in transferring the patient from the normal ward to an ICU or anywhere. So as we can see that the transfer trolley plays the key role in the management of patients in a hospital. And to do that the quality of that trolley must be great so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain in while getting transferred from one place to other.

Ambulance Stretcher Manufacturers In India

When someone feel any health issue than he visits a doctor clinic in order to find some sort of help. The prescription may contain some pills,...

Hospital Anaesthesia Trolley Manufacturers India

Anesthesia is actually a medicine given to the patients at the time of operations. In order to lose the sensation of touch on their body on a temporary basis then, doctors will inject anaesthesia into the body of the patient.

  • MEDICAL HOSPITAL FURNITURE is also known as Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt. Ltd., a leading brand that manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Medical Hospital Furniture delivered to over 90+ Countries. Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd is adhering ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13495:2003 and GMP CE certified. We are standing in the field of manufacturing Hospital furniture and medical equipments from more than 5 successful decades and still in process.

    MEDICAL HOSPITAL FURNITURE provides the distinct types of Hospital Furniture such as Hospital Electric Beds, Hospital Trolleys, Hospital Tables, Delivery Beds and many more. We prioritise our clients & their requirements; deliver products to them on time. We made revolutionary changes in the field of medical hospital furniture with our world class products.
    Medical Hospital Furniture is always conveying quality Medical Hospital Furniture to the end client, best case scenario costs. Our mission is to keep up long term straightforward relations and trust with the customers. Medical Hospital Furniture’s vision is to advance and grow new models in Medical Hospital Furniture.
    To know more, call us on: 9810867957

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