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Updated by Shahid Sharif on Mar 16, 2013
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SEO & Web Design

How To Market Your Business Through Email Marketing And SEO Service | Articles @ Redbright

There is a variety associated with email marketing service providers (ESPs) out there and it doesn't take very long to see that even though their offers are all various they all do essentially one thing: put data and creative with each other to deploy.

Wordpress Website Themes Create a Custom Look | Brand Graphics

If you use a WordPress site or are thinking of building one for your new website, there are many benefits to doing so. WordPress website themes are top of the list for most people when it comes to the benefits of this as a CMS. There are so many themes to choose from that you are sure to find one that you like and with the features that you want.

SEO Strategies - Who should really be in charge?

When you are hired to do SEO for a client, it's best if you’re the one fully in charge. Although it’s a natural assumption to make that since you are the one responsible for the results that you have complete control. However, it doesn’t always work out that way.

SEO - Your Complete 2012 Guide for Tackling Important SEO Issues - Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay Australia's SEO Factors and Trends report is out, packed full of information on the key factors in 2011 that impacted search engine optimization, including tips on how to address them, plus a look into 2012 trends and how to prepare.

How to Kill Your SEO Easily (Infographic)

Free 4 Week E Course Going Over Strategies For Internet Marketing Learn four different strategies that will help you increase your internet marketing today.Each week I send you a new course for you to go over and learn more strategies to help you use for your business.

SEO, Google+, and Search Plus Your World | Eric Wagner SEO

Recently Google started using Google+ as a factor when generating search results and the company is calling the initiative "Search Plus Your World". How does this fact affect you? Almost 85% of people use Google for a search engine, so businesses should be mindful of any changes Google makes - and have someone monitoring these changes for them.

SEO Collaborating With Blogger- Three Ways To Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

No online marketing strategy could exist and survive without content marketing. It is the content that makes one website different ...

Will EdgeRank Replace SEO? |

Although EdgeRank is a term that surfaced early in 2010, I heard it for the first time just the other day. Upon looking into it, I read that SEO would soon be irrelevant because of it. Well if EdgeRank replaces SEO, then Facebook will first have had to replaced Google, and I'll tell you why....

Profile of A Self-Described Mac User Vs. PC User [Infographic] | Design Inspiration

Profile of A Self-Described Mac User Vs. PC User [Infographic]Last year created a fun infographic and analyzed the PC Users and Mac Users.Are you a Mac or PC?Columnfivemedia collaborated with Hunch to create this infographic that is chock full of data from a survey of 388,315 of the site's users about MAC users versus PC users.Related Posts25 Amazing But Scary Photos Of Volcano In Iceland50 Great Invoicing Tools and Apps.

5 Simple SEO Tips for Your Blog

A blog is one of the best ways to add SEO juice to your website.  By following these simple tips you can improve your rankings and get more customers. 1. Provide Quality Content The most important part of your blog is the content.  It’s better to blog only once a week and provide great content [...]

The Ultimate List of SEO Blogs | Yellow Robin Blog

I constantly get asked which SEO blogs are the best to follow. So I thought, wouldn't it be great if you could go to one place and capture the pulse of the entire SEO community. After reviewing hundreds of blogs I have created a list of the Top 100+ SEO Blogs.

Bait N Switch - that is how you do a Kansas City Shuffle

I'd like to spend a few moments thinking about linkbaits and share some of those thoughts. I've done a lot of linkbaiting in my days and to be honest, it's hard to know in advance how good it will work.