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Project Management

How to Handle Your Project Management Mistakes - Voices on Project Management

My mother used to have a Charlie Brown pin that said, "I've never made a mistake in my life. I thought I did once, but I was wrong." I'm not as oblivious to my mistakes. In fact, I have made quite a few, both personally and professionally.

Project management: The Delphi technique - by Dr Pandula Siribaddana - Helium

Created on: March 19, 2011 Last Updated: March 22, 2011 A project manager is a person who should manage the given resources in achieving the expected outcomes with minimum risk. However, a project could benefit from rational predictions, which would enable the project manager to implement a strategy to circumvent any drastic events or adverse outcomes.

Why Agile Fails: Sometimes It’s the People

February 8, 2012 - Filed under Agile BusinessWhy Agile Fails: Sometimes It's the PeopleWhy Agile Fails: Sometimes It's the People You've read the books, analyzed the options, and gotten team agreement, yet you're still having issues switching to agile business practices. What's going wrong? Why are you unable to get over the hump?

Project management: How to create a risk assessment - by Suzanne Rose - Helium

Created on: February 24, 2011 Last Updated: February 25, 2011 In business, all projects carry risk. Even seemingly infallible projects can be plagued by problems with drastic consequences. It is important to conduct a risk assessment for every project so that you can evaluate potential risks and do all that you can to prevent them.

The difference between planning, project management, line management and leadership | distilled

I often get asked about my view on growing teams and managing people. I love chatting with would-be entrepreneurs and up-and-coming managers about the bits and pieces I've learnt. I don't consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination - I had barely managed anyone before Distilled - but I often feel that I benefit from putting my thoughts down in writing.

How to make a team self-organizing — Agile Web Development & Operations

Self-organizing teams perform better than micro-managed ones. The ability to really make a difference motivates the team members and makes everyone contribute his best effort. But how can we create self-organizing teams when everyone is used to hierarchical command and control patterns? To be able to self-organize and perform optimally, a few basics need to be in place.

Project management tips: Making the most of human resources - by Caryna St. John - Helium

Below are some tips to help any business project run more smoothly by using human resources in an efficient and effective manner.1. Set completion dates based on human resource abilities, not political deadlines. Pushing staff to reach an arbitrary deadline may result in meeting deadlines, but a defective product is a greater embarrassment than moving a deadline a month later to release a quality product.

What Lean Manufacturing Will Do For Your Business

Lean manufacturing is a management system that sets out to achieve a continuous removal of waste in all aspects of your business processes. This is achieved through small improvements that are implemented in increasing proportions over a period of time. The benefits can be seen in three significant areas of the business.

Disciplined Project Management - Voices on Project Management

We can all boast of great methods of managing people and project deliverables. But what gets the job done is discipline. And it's interesting to note how the team follows the leader: The more disciplined the leader, the more disciplined the team. A disciplined leader gives others an anchor -- a sense of stability and accountability.

4 Metrics to Help Spot Trouble for Agile Teams - Voices on Project Management

In coaching several agile teams and sifting through long lists of metrics, I've observed a core set of metrics that can help distinguish successful teams from teams headed for schedule slips: Many teams have multiple team members who split time between projects.

Gantt PowerPoint Template

If you need a simple Gantt PowerPoint template for your project management presentations then you can download free Gantt PowerPoint template. This free management and project planning template can be used by project planners or PMP professionals to make simple Gantt slides in MS PowerPoint. You can download this free simple Gantt template created with [...]