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Facebook can un-friend CEO Zuckerberg 'at will' - Hindustan Times

Facebook can un-friend CEO Zuckerberg 'at will' Press Trust Of IndiaWashington, February 13, 2012 First Published: 01:31 IST(13/2/2012)Last Updated: 01:35 IST(13/2/2012) Facebook can terminate services of its chief Mark Zuckerberg at any time for any reason, or even without a reason, but the social networking giant's founder and CEO also enjoys similar exit rights.

Alternative Lending Sources

February 12, 2012 By Kirk Taylor 13 Comments Prosper alternative lending sources are where individuals and institutions pool money together and then use a bank lending institution to distribute funds to qualified borrowers.

Young Entrepreneurs: What’s in their DNA? | Howell Marketing - A Memphis PR Firm

February 13th, 2012 • no comments I know that there is a lot out there about what it means to be an entrepreneur, including plenty of case studies and real-life examples. What I find most fascinating are the characteristics of people who excel as entrepreneurs.

10 Business tips to make your voiceover client say I Love You

The title of this is obviously Valentine's Day related, but the topic is timeless. In my time here, I have the chance to read many blogs, tweets, posts etc. filled with theories, but the fact remains that this is a new voiceover industry. So…what do you do to make clients say, "I love you"?

How to Hook Your Audience: A Picture Speaks 1000 Words | Paul Shirey Tech

There are many ways to hook your blog audience. One of the first things a new visitor to your blog will see is images, and if you aren't using images on your blog you've got a bigger problem to take care of. One of the best ways to hook an audience is with outstanding images.

Pinterest social photo sharing hits 10 millon users

Pinterest Berrie Pelser: Well, another social media site is taking the world by storm. This time it's Pinterest, and it's generating business press because of phenomenal growth in site visitation. As reported in Tech Crunch, 10 million unique users in the US are using it monthly and it has grown faster than any standalone site in history.

The Truth About Network Marketing

Multi Level Marketing or MLM given it is widely known in the work at home industry, is a growing marketplace with a growing number of would be entrepreneurs subscribing to corporations daily. They all start off with massive techniques for fulfillment, but what are one of the most of those future business people lack is the suitable entrepreneur mind-set.

3 Secrets of a Twitter Madman - Forbes

You an Entrepreneur? Me too. Your Wisdom + My Wisdom = More Success | 2/15/2012 @ 10:00AM 3 Secrets of a Twitter Madman Yep, my friend Martin Zwilling has 443,978 followers on Twitter. So you must be thinking, wow, this guy Eric is friends with movie stars or something.

An Essential Key to Social Media Influence: Tell Your Story Well | Social Media Today

On October 16, 1869 workers digging in a field in Cardiff, New York unearthed a startling specimen; the petrified remains of a 10ft tall giant man.  The owner of the land, George Hull, set a tent over the remains and charged visitors .25 cents to view it.  Droves of people flocked to this tiny farm field in New York - so many in fact, tha

TechCrunch | Facebook Launches Verified Accounts and Pseudonyms

Facebook, a service built on real names and real identities, will tomorrow start allowing prominent public figures to verify their accounts and display a preferred pseudonym instead of their birth name. Those with verified accounts will gain more prominent placement in Facebook's "People To Subscribe To" suggestions.

The Future of Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Users of social networks are getting tired of sharing - but that doesn't mean sharing is on the decline. A new study analyzes sharing behaviors on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and makes predictions for the future of sharing. Digital agency Beyond released the study for Social Media Week, along with the below infographic.

Google+ Most Popular With Male Users, Students [INFOGRAPHIC]

The stereotypical Google+ user is a male engineer, but that's only half right. According to new research, Google+ is still definitely male-skewing, but students outnumber software engineers by a wide margin. That's one of the most compelling bits of data compiled by Website-Monitoring.

How Higher Education Uses Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

As social media becomes more integral to students' lives, educational institutions are finally catching on, and catching up. Here's how colleges and universities are leveraging social in the classroom and the recruiting office.

8 Blogging No-No’s

February 17, 2012 By GeeklessTech Leave a Comment Multiple Blog Posts Per Day - While there are a few bloggers doing this that I highly respect, I'm not a fan of this at all. Why am I not a fan of this? Your content suffers, period.

7 Powerful Ways to End Your Next Blog Post : @ProBlogger

Written on 2/17/2012 at 12:06 am by Guest Blogger This guest post is by Ali Luke of Aliventures. You know your title has to hook readers. You know your first line needs to keep them reading. The start of your blog post matters. But so does the end.

Why You Need a Custom Facebook Fan Page Design | Brand Graphics

Your business can greatly benefit from a Facebook fan page to help drive traffic to your site and create brand awareness. This is a fact that you probably already know but what you might not know is that taking the extra step to get a custom Facebook fan page design can be very beneficial.

17 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using (and Why)

Everywhere you look there is social media. It seems that every week there is a new social site launched. To make matters worse, for every social site launched, there seems to be two or more services created to measure, track and monitor that service. What’s a marketing professional to do?

Nokia Connects | Ten cool things that happened in Social Media Week

Nokia Connects has been bringing you up-to-date coverage of the exciting events happening at Social Media Week 2012 around the world. Here are our top ten picks of the past week… 1. Random Acts of Kindness: Sometimes all it takes is a pleasant surprise to make your day.

10 Minute Marketing - How to Use JustRetweet (Review) |

Well, I can't believe it's finally time to do another " 10 minute marketing" series. This is one that I've been pretty excited about. It's about You can start right off with the FREE option, but I've already upgraded to a " paid " option because it's been a helpful tool for me.

Social Media is Full of Surprises - Discover More Benefits and Tools to Manage Your Social Activities

I dragged my feet for ages... Everyone started chatting about social media... " social media this, social media that"! I wasn't thrilled because being an introvert myself, it didn't seem too much like " my thing ". Finally, I caved in to try it out, and so glad that I did!