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Headline for Part Two IBDP Language and Literature
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Part Two IBDP Language and Literature

The dangerous ways ads see women | Jean Kilbourne | TEDxLafayetteCollege

Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: Pioneering activist and cultural theorist Jean Kilbourne has been studying the image of women in advertising for over 40 years. In this rapid-fire, passionate, and highly entertaining talk, she discusses the experiences that inspired her to create this new field and vividly illustrates how these images affect us all.

Sexy Inc Our Children Under Influence OneWorldScam

HalleluYah for!!! Please visit thier channel, & web sight for even more info, & validation that there are sane people left! May Yah bless them richly for this expos'e piece with the means to do more, & may he keep them safe from harm. I ask in The name of Yahshua.

White Like Me - Tim Wise (full documentary)

White Like Me, based on the work of acclaimed anti-racist educator and author Tim Wise, explores race and racism in the U.S. through the lens of whiteness and white privilege.

The Stockholm syndrome of advertising | Jacob Östberg | TEDxStockholm

As consumers we are all, more or less unconsciously, constantly influenced by marketing and advertising. Therefore we need to scrutinize market communications and brands way more seriously. They are replacing and gaining influence as symbols of culture and tradition, and are as bearers of ideals telling us how to reach our true potential as human beings.

Top 10 Misleading Marketing Tactics

These ads might sound convincing, but they're just too good to be true. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Misleading Marketing Tactics.

How One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life | Jon Ronson | TED Talks

For the longest time Jon Ronson reveled in the fact that Twitter gave a voice to the voiceless ... the social media platform gave us all a chance to speak up and hit back at perceived injustice. But somewhere along the way, things took a turn.

#HatchKids Discuss Male Gender Stereotypes

Drawing inspiration from Common Sense Media, this workshop's mission was to examine male gender stereotypes perpetuated by the media, and explain what kids think it means to "be a man." SheKnows Media's Hatch program creates content for grown-ups, made by kids on a mission.

Femvertising: Ads targeting women do plenty for brands -

One of the crowd favorites, which had some women chuckling so hard they had tears in their eyes, has been seen more than 32 million times on YouTube and another 30 million-plus on Facebook. In the ad, a woman throws her daughter a "First Moon Party" after her daughter, using nail polish with glitter, pretends to have gotten her period for the first time.

Femvertising: Advertisers cash in on #feminism

Since then, Google , Procter & Gamble , Verizon and Chevrolet are among the dozens of companies that have released videos championing female empowerment, a category has produced some of the most viral videos of 2014.

How to Make 'Ban Bossy' Less Polarizing: Actually Ask Young Girls What They Think

Sheryl Sandberg's Ban Bossy campaign has sparked some interesting and often heated debate in recent weeks, practically swamping my Twitter feed with hashtags ranging from #bossy and #banbossy to #dontbanbossy and #banpeoplewhobanbossy. Women's lifestyle site SheKnows, however, has found an interesting middle ground in the polarizing d

Teenage job hopes ruined by negative media stereotypes

The finding comes ahead of the latest Government employment figures, which will be published this morning and are expected to show that youth unemployment is still at around one million. Four-fifths of 14- to 17-year-olds feel their age group is unfairly represented in the media, according to polling of more than 1,000 young people by the think tank Demos.

The reader's editor on... negative portrayals of teenagers in the media | Chris Elliott

If you are reading a story in the newspapers about 13- to 19-year-olds there is a fair chance it will be about homelessness, violent deaths, cyberbullying or teenage pregnancy.

He shows how the news talks about black people by talking about white people instead.

Just in case this segment left you scratching your head, let's break down what it all means. This brilliantly scathing piece was meant to show the hypocrisy in how news media talks criminal behavior in black and white communities. And the takeaway is this: How do we know?

Why It's Unfortunate that 'Sex Sells' in Advertising and in Life

Katy Perry and Madonna posed on the cover of the summer issue of V magazine for a "bondage-themed" photo shoot for photographer Steven Klein. Actor Neil Patrick Harris was completely naked except for a top hat and bowtie on the cover of a recent issue of Rolling Stone.

Thinking vs. Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising

Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now > Do ads with facts work better than ads that appeal through emotion and aspiration? Imagine two commercials for a new light beer. The first ad begins with a super-zoom of the luxurious, golden liquid tumbling into a tall clear glass.

David Cameron criticised over migrant 'swarm' language - BBC News

David Cameron has been criticised for his description of migrants trying to reach Britain as a "swarm". Asked about the Calais crisis, he spoke of "a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean, seeking a better life, wanting to come to Britain".

7 Anti-Consumerism Songs to Get You Through Black Friday

You don't have to line up and shove your way into a mall on Black Friday to be stressed out by the "festivities." Sometimes, just thinking about the extent of our consumer culture is enough to ruin your post-Thanksgiving bliss. With that in mind, I've created an anti-consumerism playlist for those of us who know shopping can't procure happiness.

Serena Williams is constantly the target of disgusting racist and sexist attacks

Serena Williams is widely considered the greatest woman tennis player ever. But all too often, instead of being celebrated, she's targeted with outrageous racist and sexist comments. This bigotry has tarnished nearly every victory, magazine cover, and interview of her entire incredible career.