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Orange Mantra : Digital Transformation Services | Mobility Solutions | Ecommerce | IT Solution

OrangeMantra, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has been serving advanced digital transformation services since its inception in 2001. We offer a complete range of services for startups as well as enterprises. Our key offerings include e-commerce development, web development, enterprise applications, dashboarding, managed IT, and more.


How AI can Prevent Fraudulent Activities Related to Credit Card

One of the key phases that one has to go though while purchasing on Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal is to save the credit card information during the checkout process. This request could pose a lot of…

The Benefits of VR and AR Apps for the Business -

Virtual reality (VR) is the environment created with software in simulation with the reality and presented to the user in a way that the user believes and accepts it.

The Best E-commerce CMS for your Online Business

E-commerce is the passion, necessity, and, the rule of today's tech world. In order to meet the ever-growing demands, changing trends of the shoppers, merchants' convenience of online management of their stores, set a position in the global market.

Blockchain and Big Data: The Potent Combo That Drives Business Growth

The past few years have been eventful for businesses as disruptive technologies have ushered revolutionary changes for them. Blockchain and Big Data are the two such tech trends which have grabbed a great deal of attention. While Big Data has been around for some time, Blockchain is a relatively new concept. The former is changing data management while the latter is transforming the nature of transactions. Even if these technologies seem to be disparate on the surface, their adoption in combination is capable of bringing unmatched results for enterprises of all sizes. In fact, blockchain can change the way that Big Data will be approached by the coming years. Let’s see how they make an amazing combination that drives extensive business growth.

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The digital revolution has transformed the business scenario today and most of the enterprises look to adopt specialized solutions for the web and mobile. When it comes to making a choice of the right technology framework for businesses, the decision is a tough one.

9 stages of implementing a blockchain solution

The Blockchain is not just an innovative technology, it is a vision that organizations aspire to transform into reality. With all the hype about the Bitcoin, Blockchain is getting a much lesser attention that it deserves.

5 Strategies That An Online Marketing Agency Can Implement For You | Blog 4 Web Trends

The business scenario has undergone disruptive changes and traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective when used alone. It is no longer able to reach and influence the audiences the way it used to because selling has gone beyond the conventional channels. Being present on the digital channels is the need of the hour because…

The Trending Mobile App Development Industry Needs Outstanding Services To Grow

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone with a great application support. They all can be seen having installed multiple social apps on their mobiles. Some have their interest in social media while the others are interested in playing games on the go. A smartphone is simply the best means of communication available today.

Crucial Tips for Mobile Application Development Companies to Follow

The domain of mobile application development in India has acquired the control over the earlier means of business development with tremendous edges. However, one can obviously understand that rising with a feature-rich, highly useful and recommended approach in terms of mobile apps is something that is beyond everyone’s reach.

Is Mobile Application The New Revolution

It may be surprising to know but today internet is accessed more through phones than computers. It was not long back when people were using the internet only through computers and nobody thought this kind of revolution can come. However, today with extensive growth in technology and availability of smartphones in cheap rate has caused this tremendous change.

Discover The Unmatched Potential Of The Key Digital Marketing Metrics -

As online selling becomes a booming trend, a digital marketing strategy becomes the need of the hour. It is not only important to reach the customers through digital channels but also to measure the efficacy of the strategy to ensure that the efforts are bringing in the expected returns. As a result, digital marketers need to study the measurable metrics along with other analytical data to assess the performance of their strategy as well as tweak it for improvements.

Shopify's New Update Enhances The Shopping Experience Manifold

Shopify has witnessed some key changes during 2017, with numerous updates and additional enhancements that have given it a complete makeover. This has opened up new opportunities for e-commerce stores.

What Makes Shopify Plus An Ideal E-Commerce Platform

Over the years, Shopify has garnered immense popularity as an e-commerce platform. However, it has the reputation of being more suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Hire An Expert Digital Agency To Adopt A Progressive Approach

As digital marketing has changed the conventional selling model, sellers have realised the significance of having an expert digital partner by their side. There are hundreds of agencies out there, claiming to be the best in terms of expertise and experience. However, there are a few things that you need to be well aware of while choosing the one that would create and reinforce an online presence for your business.

Orange Mantra Serves Best IT Solutions For Cross-Industry Clientage

As technology has become the lifeline of business today, every enterprise needs an IT partner to take them on the digital route. If you are planning to embark on a tech journey, look for a partner that offers comprehensive, innovative, and reliable web and mobility solutions.

Top 7 Disruptive Digital Marketing Trends Of The Future

Today, digital marketing has attained global acceptance and it also attaining new levels of sophistication with every passing day. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to adopt the latest trends to keep pace with the market.

7 Trends That Will Redefine E-Commerce Selling In 2018

E-commerce has been around for almost a decade now and it has evolved over this period of time. From having an online presence through simple e-commerce stores, the domain has come a long way as it has adopted the m-commerce mode too.

How A Mobile App Can Elevate Your E-commerce Website

Now that enough has been said about the amazing benefits of supplementation of e-commerce stores with mobile applications, there is a need for sellers to invest in them. Having a reliable and experienced application development partner is important as they will create an impactful mobile presence for the online store of the business.

How Blockchain Spells New Opportunities For Mobility And Commerce

The human existence is based on mutual trust, particularly when it comes to financial transactions, as there is the involvement of intermediaries in most of them. These intermediaries, such as banks and financial institutions, facilitate the transactions in return of fees as a consideration. Similarly, the shared mobility segment, as in peer-to-peer car rentals, too depends heavily on centralized intermediaries to enable smooth operations. Whether it is mobility or commerce, there is a need to ensure trust and transparency so that the users are confident about the security of the transactions.

Magento 2 Community, Enterprise, and Cloud: Which is the right option?

The selection of the right Magento 2 edition for creating your e-commerce store can decide the fate of your business. Therefore, it would be a good idea to hire Magento developer in India or abroad to guide you about making the right decision.

Blockchain And E-Commerce: How Do They Make A Winning Combination

E-commerce selling has been around for decades now and the evolution of the industry has been exemplary. Over the years, the concept of online selling has been deeply influenced by technological improvements. The latest amongst these technologies is blockchain, which is poised to revolutionize the industry with its unmatched potential. From the elimination of middlemen to streamlining of operations and reducing complexities at all levels, Blockchain has a lot to offer to help e-commerce businesses resolve their every day as well as long-term challenges.

Thanks to AI, Google Will Predict Flight Delays Before Airlines Do!

What could be more frustrating than making it to the airport in time, just to know that your flight is running 8 hours behind schedule? That means lots of time wasted, a holiday plan disrupted and sometimes, an important meeting missed. Once again, we can expect Google to come to our rescue, this time with the technology of AI in its arsenal. Google Flights, the flight booking service by the search engine, has been enhanced with a new feature that will enable the passengers to get a heads-up before arriving at the airport. And most amazingly, the prediction of delays will come even before being officially flagged by the airlines themselves. The reason is that instead of getting information from the airlines, Google Flights will be leveraging historical data and applying machine learning algorithms to give predictions regarding delays.

Impact Of Conversion Rate Optimization On E-Commerce Sales

E-commerce is a challenging domain, where sustenance and success come with dedication, diligence, and perseverance. The huge competition in the domain is one of the biggest hindrances as you have to beat all the competitors to stand out and be visible to the shoppers out there. At the same time, it is not only about getting people in but also about making them convert. Conversion refers to enticing the visitor to complete the purchase before he leaves the website.

5 Futuristic Technologies That Will Rule Enterprise Mobility In Future

The impact of technology on human existence is immense. Undoubtedly, the futuristic technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, and Big Data are changing the business scenario in more than one ways. These technologies have set the balls rolling for the enterprise mobility segment in particular, by disrupting the way applications are made and used by businesses. Truly, they are here to stay and empower enterprise applications in the future. Let us explore the amazing impact they are poised to have on enterprise mobility in the coming years.

Your Way to Success Through Shopify eCommerce Development

When it comes to choosing the right e-commerce platform for your online store, then the developers are spoilt for choice as there are numerous platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, available…