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Updated by Kevin Mackie on Aug 24, 2015
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Best Grinder For Weed

Finding the best grinder for marijuana can be very difficult. Each grinder claims to offer characteristics that other grinders don't have. And most of the time they charge a premium for these so called distinguishing features. So I thought I'd put together a list of different grinders with their impartial reviews to help you on your way to deciding upon the best grinder for weed. The key features of a grinder to look out for include the material the grinder is made of and the shape of the teeth.

Space Case Grinder Review - Best Grinder

The Space Case is one of my own personal favorites. Sure, it is a little more expensive than other grinders, but what you are paying for is quality. A high quality grinder is one which will last forever. Buying a cheap plastic grinder will mean you will be buying another grinder within a few days!

Best Weed Grinder - Best Grinder

This chart compares all the latest weed grinders. Each grinder is listed with it's impartial review aswell as a link to a retailer in order to buy the grinder. If you have your own recommendation as to what the best grinder for weed is, let me know!

Golden Gate Herb Grinder Review - Best Grinder

The top 3 grinders recommended by are the Space Case, Golden Gate Grinder and the Sharpstone Shredder. If I were to choose a grinder from those three options, I would choose the Golden Gate Grinder. While it may not be the best looking grinder, it certainly makes up for it in its functionality.

Santa Cruz Shredder Review - Best Grinder

I've always been a big fan of the Santa Cruz Shredder. From the reviews it gets from customers who have purchased the grinder, they seem to agree aswell. I was quite impressed by the teeth of the grinder. Earlier in the article I mentioned that diamond shaped teeth would be the best, but the square shaped teeth of the Santa Cruz Shredder was ideal.

Sharpstone Grinder Review - Best Grinder

The Sharpstone Shredder is a little different compared to other marijuana grinders in the market. The Sharpstone has a clear top which allows you to view the progress of the grind to ensure you are not grinding too much. It is quite easy with other grinders to over grind because you can't see through the lid in order to witness the grinding process.

Golden Bell Grinder Review - Best Grinder

This grinder has certainly caused a stir in the market. And at less than $9 as of September 2015 with a lifetime warranty, you should certainly try out this grinder. If you don't like it, just return it for a no quibble refund, it's that simple!

Cheap Grinders - The Top 3 Best Grinders are...

Oh, and if you're on a budget, check out these recommendations.