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Useful Microsoft posts #17

The Internet is currently The Internet is currently full of posts about using Microsoft products effectively in the classroom. Here are a number of them from this past week:

5 Unique Ways Skype Simplifies Your Life

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill but found that the best teacher lives in another state? Maybe your favorite doctor only has availability while you’re on your lunch break—but how do you travel back and forth to the office and eat your lunch? Well, there’s a world of services available via Skype…

8 Excel Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students

Students and teachers might not need to know how to create extremely complex formulas using Excel, but here are some little-known tricks that could prove quite helpful.

Why I need an Xbox One in my classroom! - Microsoft UK Teachers Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

The blog for teachers from Microsoft UK Partners in Learning. I get asked this at BETT every year, people are thinking how they can use this consumer technology in the classroom (or how they can persuade their spouse that they need one for work!). It is relative high investment in a device maybe? About the cost of a mid range laptop. But, because as it is a ‘games console’ some might see it as frivolous. BUt , I disagree, here are some thoughts. Gamification is a valuable educational process, Just look at Minecraft . So starting with games, having a dedicated powerful, internet connected device, with large screen or projector, is a great asset and way to introduce a least two great resources for the classroom, Minecraft and Project Spark.

daily edventures | Telling the untold stories of historical greatness in Singapore – Andy Ng, Singapore

Telling the untold stories of historical greatness in Singapore – Andy Ng, Singapore. For Social Studies teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Andy Ng, bringing history to life for his students is just one aspect of what he does each day. Technology also plays a starring role in his 5th grade classroom at St. Hilda’s Primary School, a Microsoft Showcase School, and Ng understands that by using technology throughout his lessons, he’s reaching his students on their terms.

Using OneNote to Create My Own Textbook

In this video I discuss how I eliminated the use of a textbook in my class using OneNote and open source resources and also how I helped my school create a l...

Preparing teachers to transform learning with Microsoft technology - Microsoft UK Schools blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

The Microsoft UK Blog for schools, featuring news for schools from Microsoft, case studies within education, and education ICT advice

Back to School: Do’s and Don’ts of mobile tech for students - Conversations: The Microsoft Devices blog

These useful tips will help you become an academic star. It’s mid-August and already, a hint of autumn is in the air. Along with shorter days and cooling t

Hong Kong teen lands US$7,500 scholarship after winning Microsoft Office world championship

A Hong Kong teenager beat 144 fellow students to gain first place in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship for his expertise in Microsoft Word....

How to create super surreal photos on your smartphone

Remember Pritesh Patel and his amazingly surreal smartphone photos? Well, he’s back with top tips on how to create your own super surreal photos."We recently featured Pritesh Patel and his 7 amazingly surreal smartphone photos, which awed and inspired you just as much as they did us. In fact, many of you asked for a “How to” so that you can learn how to create your own surreal photos with your Lumia. Guess what: he delivered. Pritesh has put together an in-depth tutorial that tells you everything you need to know about his editing process. Read on and soon you’ll be creating surreal photos that turn your crazy, creative ideas into reality. Now, over to the man himself."

Office Mix: Online Lessons and Training Made Simple

Office Mix is an easy way to take your PowerPoint presentations and bring them to life as interactive online lessons. From recording audio or video of yourse...

Office Mix Intro

This video shows how to make your very first Office Mix