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Must Do Activities in the Maldives - Must-Experience Activities in Paradise Holiday Hub Maldives

Tipped to Asia's most popular honeymoon destination the Maldives is an activity base for the masses. From diving tours to sunset cruises here are the most popular activities in the archipelago.


Indulge in a Spa Day

Home to some of the most luxurious spas in Asia the Maldivian resort islands are the perfect venue to enjoy a spa holiday. Offering visitors a wide range of spa treatments including Ayurvedic, Swedish, Balinese and Thai massage techniques and healing therapies spa goers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer variety of spa menu items on offer. Ideal for relaxation after a busy day of sightseeing visitors based in Maldives beach resort with in-house spa facilities can indulge in spa treatments at their whim.



Tipped to be one of the globe's top diving hubs the Maldives is home to more coral species than any other destination on the planet. Teeming with colorful marine life and shipwrecks the underwater landscapes of Maldives are nothing short of spectacular as seasoned divers would attest. Those who wish to learn the basics of diving can also take up the sport while on holiday thanks to resorts such as PER AQUUM Niyama. Local tour operators also offer diving lessons and expeditions around the archipelago.


Island Hopping

Often regarded as one of the most exciting and rewarding activities one can enjoy in the Maldives island hopping tours are fast becoming popular among seasoned visitors to the archipelago. As a country made up of 1200 islands the uninhabited virgin isles of the Maldives are little pieces of paradise waiting to be discovered. Ideal for couples and those in search of seclusion an island hopping tour can also serve as the perfect way to get a closer look at the natural beauty of the archipelago and its diverse terrains.


Water Sports

Revered by adrenalin junkies and water sports enthusiasts as Asia's top water sports hub Maldives is the ideal venue to engage in a wide range of water based activities. Blessed with sunny skies and idyllic wind and weather conditions adventurous visitors can try their hand at surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing and kayaking across the islands. Water sports centers are also omnipresent in the country due to its popularity as a water sports Mecca.


Dine in Underwater Restaurants

Home to the world's first underwater diner the Maldives is now home to not one but two submerged restaurants. The Ithaa Underwater Restaurant and the Sea Restaurant offer visitors a one of a kind dining experience. Digging in to culinary delicacies deep beneath the ocean floor the glass interiors of both eateries offer diners panoramic views of the ocean floor and its colorful marine inhabitants.


Sea Plane Photo Tour

Often regarded as one of the best ways to witness the geographical wonder that is the Maldives a sea plane tour of the country also offers shutterbugs the perfect opportunity to view the island paradise from a unique vantage point. Breathtaking as it is awe-inspiring the atolls and lagoons of the islands are all the more spectacular from above.


Cruise Away

A preferred activity among honeymooning couples sunset cruises and indeed cruises of every conceivable variety are a staple activity in this holiday hub. Exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the islands visitors can select a cruise option based on their personal preferences and hop aboard a luxury yacht or a traditional dhow to enjoy the cruise of a lifetime.