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Beauty Benefits of Swimming in Seawater - Discover the Beauty Advantages of Ocean Water Swims

Although it is lesser known among beach vacationers, swimming in the ocean offers several skincare and beauty advantages. From moisture retention to circulation here are some of the top benefits.


Skin Care

Perhaps the organ which hopes to gain the most lasting and substantial benefit of a seawater swim is the body's largest organ, the skin. Immersing one's skin in the magnesium rich salt water of the sea can not only help maintain a youthful appearance but also helps skin tissues to stay moisturized and retain it for a long period of time. Hydrating the skin from within and fighting dryness seawater baths can also alleviate common skin conditions such as eczema and acne. A study published by the International Journal of Dermatology in 2005 also found that sea water immersion helped those suffering from "atopic" dry skin. Signs of inflammation in the skin such as redness and coarseness can also be reduced by bathing in sea water rich in magnesium.


Well Being and Relaxation

Stress and mental fatigue is known to have negative effects on the health, overall well being and the youthfulness or an individual's appearance. Promoting relaxation a swim in the ocean can do a world of good to one's body and mind. Often described as meditative and restorative regular sea bathers and swimmers experience a Zen like calmness and tranquillity in the act of gliding across ocean waters. Known to trigger a positive response from the body's natural healing apparatuses swimming in sea water helps the body combat the onset of common diseases and disabilities such as arthritis, joint pain, bronchitis, asthma and inflammatory diseases large and small. Also known to promote a good night's sleep one needn't schedule time for designated beauty naps any longer. Credited with relieving wrinkle causing nervousness and irritability sea water baths have a calming effect on individuals of all ages.


Cleansing Boost

Cleansing is an integral part of any beauty regiment and those who are fortunate enough to enjoy a swim in the ocean every now and then cap reap the benefits of a thorough cleanse for free. Salt water is often used to disinfect wounds and dispel harmful pathogens from the body as well as to purify and dispel toxic elements. What's more, immersion in seawater opens up the pores and allows bathers to absorb the natural vitamins and minerals available in sea water to enter the body unhindered.


Hair Care

Although the term "beach hair" is used to imply dry and parched hair follicles the salt in sea water is also attributed with adding much needed texture and volume to limp hair. Offering beach goers a wavy, care-free, summer appearance the salt in seawater creates a beach "do" all on its own. Those who have naturally dry hair can prepare for a day in the sea with a good conditioning treatment.


Improved Immunity

Salt water in the sea is chock full of amino acids, trace and vital elements as well as thriving microorganisms, all of which helps boost the immune system. Creating antibacterial and antibiotic barrier sea water absorbs elements compared to body plasma through the water while breathing in energy charged ions can also enter the lungs and promote immunity.


Good Circulation

A clear and glowing complexion is a telltale sign of a body with good blood circulation and swimming in the ocean can help the body take oxygen infused blood to all parts of the body more easily. Seawater therapy or thalassotherapy is famously used to improve blood circulation in patients while healthy individuals can also enjoy the benefits by taking the plunge next time they are on a beach vacation in Sri Lankan hotels in Yala such as Jetwing Yala.