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Headline for Pet Reporters Cat Newsletter Issue 1
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Pet Reporters Cat Newsletter Issue 1

Here are the top 9 cat posts this week on!

More Loki the Vampire Cat on Instagram - Pet Reporters

Wow, we really cannot get enough of Loki the super intriguing vampire cat! Loki with her two cute little fangs peeking out of her petite mouth looks every inch like a vampire cat. Rather than looking sinister or evil, we think that Loki is pretty adorable in her own abnormal feline way and her …

Meet the Cutest Dog-Cat Best Buddies, the Shar Pei And His Cat - Pet Reporters

“Paddington the dog and Butler the cat are inseparable. The droopy Shar Pei, often dressed up in costume, patiently sits beside his feline friend, putting up with his cat antics. The best friends live with their owner Annie Jacob and three other cats in Tasmania on the south coast of Australia…” Photo & Excerpt Via World’s Most …

Sneaky Dog Being Sooooo Nice To The Cat - Pet Reporters

This is the truth about dogs we have been trying to reveal to the world for the past gazillion years! See how this sneaky dog is so meanie when dog owner is not in the room and turns all sweet and loving when dog owner returns to the room! 

#kittymachinegun #pissedoffkitty #cat #kitty - Pet Reporters

Ok, this is kind of cute? Or is it. Wonder if the cat is scared or in pain, awwww! Let us know what you think by commenting in the comments area below!

Say Hi to Yoda the Cat with 4 Ears! - Pet Reporters

Oh wow, this is so cooooool, cat with 4 ears? 4 ears?!

Meet Loki, the Most Awesome Vampire Cat - Pet Reporters

More awkward snuggle moments brought to you by the little vampire  #catstagram #catsagram #cat #cats #kitten #instacat #catsofinstagram #catsoninstagram #pet #pets #cute #cutecat #instacat_meows #catoftheday #gato #cats_of_instagram #cutepetclub #thedailykitten #kittycat #catlover #ilovecats #animals #meow #instacute #photooftheday #animaladdicts #nature_cuties #igcutest_animals A photo posted by Loki (@loki_kitteh) on Aug 13, 2015 at 2:47pm PDT There …

Kind Cat Couple Splurges on Cat's Organ Transplant - Pet Reporters

Gonciar admits that some people think he's a little crazy to spend all that money on a cat that's nearly 12 years old...'Well I would tell them to look at their child or their mother and ask themselves the same question.'...Sourced through from: www.cbsnews.comAwww, it's so nice to know that there are genuinely nice cat people out there who care for me feline kind. Love them with all my cat heart and purr.... 

Brave Savannah Cat Fights off Big Black Bear - Pet Reporters

Told you! Told you! We cats are good-looking and FEARLESS!!!