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Updated by Ken Peterson on Apr 01, 2017
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Tech - Virtual Field Trip

What Does the Technology-Enhanced Future of the School Field Trip Look Like?

Technology has already changed the way students learn in the classroom. Less attention has been paid to tech's impact on students' other educational experiences such as field trips. The field trip of the future might use technology in plenty of exciting ways, all of which benefit students, teachers and parents.

When Virtual Reality Meets Education

Since the 1950s, virtual reality (VR) has been hovering on the periphery of technology without achieving accepted mainstream application or commercial adoption. Since 2012, VR startups have raised more than $1.46 billion in venture capital, including more than $100 million in funding during the last four consecutive quarters.

ThingLink Brings Interactive Virtual Reality to Schools

I really love the potential of VR. I think there are few more engaging experiences and everything I have tried along those lines has really impressed me. Viewers like Google Cardboard are very cheap, but unfortunately smartphones are not. As such, this is my only hesitation for how much it will take off in 2016. Will it span the tech equity gap? Many middle and high school students have their own cell phones these days, but not all. And then there is elementary. Will younger students miss out on the VR movement because it requires a smartphone? I know there are ways around that if parents donate old smartphones or if students get to use a parent's phone for a few minutes at home, but that is still going to be kind of hit and miss. As a former elementary teacher that concerns me. Any thoughts?

The Reality Of Virtual Reality: What Are Its Practical Implications For eLearning? - eLearning Industry

Want to know about the practical implications of Virtual Reality for eLearning? Check the practical implications of Virtual Reality for eLearning. 

Your students can create virtual reality expeditions

Virtual reality is on the verge of gaining a foothold in schools thanks to affordable viewers like Google Cardboard. And with more VR apps appearing every day, it’s likely that immersive VR expeditions will eventually become an engaging way for students to explore everything from historical landmarks, distant planets, oceanic locations to the human body.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality In Education - eLearning Industry

Read this article to see how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are being used to implement primary and secondary education in Spain.

Sketchfab wants to do for VR what YouTube did for video

Sketchfab launches virtual reality app to show off shareable 3D content platform

Introducing Google’s Tilt Brush an amazing New Innovative Technology for Artists

The next level of art is with the Google’s Tilt Brush wherein the user can turn the surroundings into a canvas to paint. Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space




This week at ISTE 2016 Google and Samsung had large booth displays devoted to virtual reality headsets. The proliferation of virtual reality headsets has been the catalyst for some good conversations about the value of virtual reality in education. Many have wondered if it is a novelty or if could have a meaningful impact on students. I have been a part of those conversations. But as I want to be prepared with good information on the topic, I turned to Google Scholar to see what has been written on the topic of VR in education. The following three papers stood out to me.

Why Google's Stand-Alone VR Headset Could Be A Game-Changer

Google's VR headset could eschew the need for inserting your smartphone or attaching to a PC. Here's why that will be useful.

Why Every Parent (and Educator) Should Play Pokemon Go

Over the past two weeks, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm.  Over 25 million people have downloaded the app and are out in our neighborhoods.  Players are EVERYWHERE hunting for Pokemon, setting lures to draw them in, battling for gyms and recuperating needed supplies at PokeStops. By now even if you aren't playing,…