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Top Outdoor Activities in Hikkaduwa - a seaside attraction

The attractive town of Hikkaduwa offers many attractions for the visitor. In the environs of this charming town visitors will be able to indulge in a number of outdoor activities as listed below.



Hikkaduwa is renowned for its pleasant tropical climate which has endeared it to holidaymakers. It is also an outstanding location in which to enjoy water sports, with many water activities on offer for visitors. One of these is surfing; many surfing enthusiasts converge on this town to enjoy this invigorating pursuit. During the peak surfing season you will have the opportunity to make use of as many as four excellent surfing breaks which are sure to entertain and delight the aficionado. You will be able to rent surfboards and other equipment from local specialists in order to experience the surfing opportunities in this locality.


Snorkelling and diving

The seas off Hikkaduwa offer a splendid environment for enjoyable snorkelling and diving. The main season for these pursuits extends from November through to April, at which time the monsoons will have ceased and the heavens are bright and clear. One of the main attractions for snorkelers and divers would be the vibrantly coloured coral formations which present an engrossing sight. For more experienced divers another feature of interest would be the numerous shipwrecks that you will encounter in the area. These intriguing wrecks are always mysterious and fascinating to explore as they offer a hidden world concealed from non-divers.


Riding in a glass-bottomed boat

If you would rather stay dry and still desire to observe the underwater treasures of the ocean, the solution would be to take an entertaining ride in a glass-bottomed boat. By doing so you will have the opportunity to view features like coral formations and undersea plants as well as an array of fascinating ocean creatures. A highlight on these tours would be the Hikkaduwa coral reef with its many intriguing attributes. In order to conveniently enjoy these outdoor activities it is recommendable to base yourself at one of the quality Hikkaduwa hotels like the Citrus Hikkaduwa, an appealing accommodation offering attractive rooms and gracious hospitality.


Canoe ride

If you desire a more exciting and involving experience than a glass-bottomed boat ride, the answer would be an invigorating canoe ride on the Hikkaduwa Lake. These would be particularly attractive for couples desiring intimacy and seclusion or others desiring a moderate level of physical exertion. A canoe ride on this picturesque lake will enable you to enjoy a time of undisturbed seclusion amidst inspiring surroundings. Additionally this experience would be a bird-lover's dream, with many different kinds of birds frequenting this body of water. You may also be fortunate enough to see monkeys or monitor lizards moving about in the environs of the lake.


Relax on the beach

There is nothing quite like lounging on the attractive beaches of Hikkaduwa as a respite from demanding water sports or sightseeing. Let the stresses and strains of the everyday existence melt away as you relax under the glistening tropical skies. If you happen to tire of sunbathing you will have the opportunity to indulge in a friendly game of beach volleyball with some like-minded fellow tourists. On the other hand if you desire some nightlife in the evenings, you will find a number of nightclubs in the locality where you can dance and party the night away. Alternatively you can choose to enjoy a relaxed cocktail at a pub with your partner or a friend after an enjoyable day in Hikkaduwa.