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C Programming Interview Questions and Answers For Engineers

Collection of most Frequently Asked Placement questions and Answers for Function and Pointer in C Programing in Practical viva in Engineering or Job interview for Hardware Programmer.

Function Programming In C -Job Interview Frequently Asked Question and Answer Collection

Function Programming In C -Job Interview Frequently Asked Question.What is short-circuiting in C expressions.How to declare a pointer to a function.access other function which is outside of the scope of program.Function vprintf() uses the functionality of which header file.What does the error, invalid redeclaration of a function mean.Recursive functions are executed in which order.kernel operating system cpu ALU.

Variable Function Structure Pointer in C
Programming - C Viva Questions
Function in Embedded C

Arrays And Pointer in C Programming -Job Interview Frequently Asked Question

It is necessary to initialized the array at the time of deceleration.Which of the following is the correct way to access the last element of the array arr.What is the output of the program.What is the value of i in the following code.Expression Syntax.Compile time error.Run time error.System.Error : invalid pointer arithmetic.

Files and Preprocessors in C - Viva Interview for Engineering Freshers Basics Tutorials

Files and Preprocessors in C - Viva Interview for Engineering Freshers Basics Tutorials.Identify the stringizing operator.Identify the token pasting operator.Identify the correct statement.What is the output of the following code.If the function definition of a program are in a file metric.c.Stream oriented files are accessed through.How will you define the macro AND and OR if the following C.

Strings In C Programming Interview Exam Questions Answers For Engineering Graduates

Strings In C Programming Interview Exam Questions Answers For Engineering Graduates.First pointer initialization with string and other array initialization with string.What would be the output of the following program.Would the following code give any error on compilation.How can I print a '%' character in a printf format string.String operation such as strcmp(s, t), strcat(s, t), strcpy(s, t) and strlen(s) heavily rely.which functions would get called.

Interview Questions Loop C Programming For Engineering Students Basics Viva Tutorials

Syntax error is produced.Identify the trigraph sequence for ^.Difference between compilation and execution time.Compilation time.Difference between GST and IST.Volatile is meaningless for the variable since k is loop variant.Study the following statement.What would be the output if the following program (myprog.c) is run using the following command line.After a library function returns a failure, which of the following will print out the appropriate error message corresponding to error number given by errno.Which of the following preprocessor directive will make the system- dependent constant INT_MAX available for ANSI C compiler.

Structures And Unions C Programming Interview Questions- Basics Viva Tutorials

What type of structure is created by the following definition?.A bit field is.Union differs from structure in the following way.Identify the wrong syntax.The changes made in the members of a structure are available in the calling function.About structure which of the following is true.What is the output of the following program?

Placement Questions C Operators Viva Interview for Engineering Freshers Basics Tutorials

What will be the output of the following program.what is the original(or highest level)directory on a disk.Type the name of the single dot that represents the smallest graphic unit that can be displayed on the screen?Single machine instruction required for p++.Which header file is essential for using strcmp() function.What is the correct and fully portable way to obtain the most significant byte of an unsigned integer x.Which is executed quickly.

Structures Unions Enumeration - FlowControl in C Interview Questions for Engineering Students

What is the similarity between a structure, union and enumeration.What will be the output of the program? How many times the loop will be executed.What will be the final values of I and j when the following code terminates.What is the value of int variable.What is the output of the following code.What is the purpose of fflush() function.Which header file should be included to use functions like malloc() and calloc().Which bitwise operator is suitable for turning off a particular bit in a number.

C Programming Storage Classes Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials

Automatic storage class.The duration for which the variable retains a given value during the execution of a program.Which is not a storage class?Which of the following statement are correct?Code reports an error as undefined symbol gotorc.Where will the space be allocated for an automatic storage class variable

Variable Function Structure Pointer C Programming Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials

Smallest element of array's index is called.what is the maximum number of dimensions an array in C may have.Array passed as an argument to a function is interpreted as.Which of the following is the correct way of declaring a float pointer.The size of a structure can be determined.size of variable name.fputs function is used to.What are the types of linkages.The size of a structure can be determined by.In mathematics and computer programming, which is the correct order of mathematical operators

Programming - C Viva Questions for Engineering Freshers Basics Tutorials

For a typical program, the input is taken using.What is the default return-type of getchar().The value of EOF is.What is the use of getchar().What is the use of putchar().The size of string variable is.By default a real number is treated as a.Is the following statement a declaration or definition.Which of

Embedded C Programming Twenty Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials

Embedded C Programming Twenty Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials.The choices file options and so are called.The maximum length of a variable in c is.Queue can be used to implement.While coding in c programming for "call by reference" we pass.Array index always start from.In c programming a function can return.Compile time error

Interrupt DMA and Watchdog Timer Embedded Interview Questions Basics Tutorials

How does the interrupt architecture works.What is the function of Watchdog timer in embedded system.What is the purpose of using critical sections.Why does pre-emptive multi-threading used to solve the central controller problem.What are the rules followed by MutexesWrite a program to show the functionality of Power-save super loop.What are the different types of customization's that is used with the "volatile" keyword.What is the function of DMA controlled in embedded system.How does the interrupts handle by using the threads.

C Programming Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials

1.) If every node u in G is adjacent to every other node v in G, A graph is said to be a.) isolated b.) complete c.) finite d.) strongly connected ANSWER: b.) complete 2.) In a Heap treea.) Values in a node is greater than every value in left sub tree and smaller than right sub tree b.)

Embedded Programming Interview Questions for Engineering Freshers Basics Tutorials

What are the functional requirements that are used in the embedded systems.Why is Model transformations used in the embedded system.What is interaction semantics used in embedded systems.What are the different types of system involved in embedded system.What are the different types of Buses used by the embedded systems.What is the main function of Multiplexed Address/Data Bus.How does Input/Output bus functions.What is the function of simple thread poll in embedded system.Why is it better to use multi-threading polling then single threading model.

Embedded Electronics - Interview Questions for Engineering freshers Basics Guide

Differentiate between mutexes vs semaphores.What are the commonly found errors in Embedded Systems.What is the need for having multi byte data input and output buffers in case of device ports.What is the difference between Hardware design and Software Design.What are the differences between Analytical and computational modeling

Embedded Systems Interview Questions for Engineering freshers Basics Guide

How are macros different from inline functions.What could be the reasons for a System to have gone blank and how would you Debug it.Explain interrupt latency and how can we decrease it.How to create a child process in linux.Explain Significance of watchdog timer in Embedded Systems.If you buy some RTOS, what are the features you look for in.Why is java mostly used in embedded systems.

Interview Questions Embedded Systems for Engineering freshers Basics Guide

Interview Questions Embedded Systems for Engineering freshers Basics Guide.What is the need for an infinite loop in Embedded systems.What is Endianness of a system and how do different systems communicate with each other.What is the need for DMAC in Embedded Systems.Why do we need virtual device drivers when we have physical device drivers.A vast majority of High Performance Embedded systems today use RISC architecture.

Mutual Exclusion Problems with Mutex and Semaphore - Programing Languages (Mutex Vs Semaphores )

The mutex is a significantly safer mechanism to use for implementing mutual exclusion around shared resources. There are still a couple of problems that use of the Non-cooperationThe Monitor Mutex (in preference to Semaphore) will not solve.

Mutex - Computer Science Tutorial Programing Languages (Mutex Vs Semaphores )

To address the problems associated with semaphore, a new concept was developed during the late 1980's.The major use of the term mutex appears to have been driven through the development of the common programming specification for UNIX based systems. In 1990 this was formalized by the IEEE as standard IEEE Std 1003.1 commonly known as POSIX.

Semaphores-Computer Science Tutorial Programing Languages (Mutex Vs Semaphores )

At a later point the first task is rescheduled and calls V(S) to indicate it has left the critical region. The second task will now be allowed access to the critical region.A variant of Dijkstra's semaphore was put forward by another Dutchman, Dr. Carel S. Scholten.

Embedded programming-Micro controller based Systems

Embedded programming is for the computer programming that is in and operates the great many computer-controlled devices that surround us in our homes, cars, workplaces and communities. As a rule,it may be said micro controller programming is embedded programming, but not all embedded programming is micro controller programming.

Finite State Machine - Micro-controllers-Digital Electronics

Used to create logic circuits with memory (i.e.

Mealy and Moore machines - Micro-controllers - FSM

A.Moore machine -Associates its outputs with states -The outputs are represented either within the vertex corresponding to a state or adjacent to the vertex B.Mealy machine: -Associates its outputs with the transitions -In addition to the input values, each arc also shows the output values generated during the transition; the format of the label of each arc is Inputs/Outputs.

Micro-controllers-FSM -Finite State Machine-Tutorials and Examples-2

Events: -Wake up at fixed time every day -Weekends: you don't need alarm, so you wake up, turn off the alarm and resume sleep*FSM modelling this chain of events, with: *Weekday (determines you how to react to alarm)-Outputs: *Similar to the truth table *Doesn't contain the system clock when specifying