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Highway 1

Highway1, your supplier of specialty roading products. Call 0800 175 571 for road cones, hi vis jackets, hi vis vests, cable covers, speed bumps & more.

Road Cones | Cold Asphalt | High Vis Vests

Highway1, your supplier of specialty roading products. Call 0800 175 571 for road cones, hi vis jackets, hi vis vests, cable covers, speed bumps & more

Road Cones | Street Cones | Road Cones Supplier

Searching for road cones & traffic cones? Phone Highway 1 your specialist road cones supplier on 0800 175 571 for cost effective road cone solutions

Highway Cones | Orange Cones | Safety Cones

Searching for highway cones & safety cones? Phone Highway 1 your specialist orange cones supplier on 0800 175 571 for cost effective road cone solutions

Cone Bars | Yellow & Black Extendable Conebars

Highway 1 Ltd supplies yellow and black retractable conebars that are used as a cost effective pedestrian barrier

Reflective Cone Collars

We have 2 types of reflective tape specifically made for road cones, the self adhesive and the single piece (needs glues) types. Both have their benefits.

Hi-Vis Safety Vests | 0800 175 571

Safety Vests: Shop Online @ Highway 1. We stock a range of TTMC compliant safety vests (high visibility vests) for both adults and children.

Portable Sign Base - Highway 1

A spring mounted sign stand made for level 1 roads in NZ. No need for sand bags as this stand will spring back every time.portable Sign Base

Car Stops | Wheel Stops | Parking Blocks - Highway 1

The Highway 1 rubber wheel-stops (also called parking blocks or car stops) are black with yellow reflective for maximum visibility. Call now on 0800 175 571

Carpark Corner Guards & Corner Protectors - Highway 1

Corner guards and corner protectors by Highway1. Corner Guards protect the edges of columns and walls while improving the look and feel of the carpark.

Wall Protection | Carpark Wall Protectors

Carpark wall protectors by Highway 1 provide excellent protection for walls & corner profiles with their heavy-duty rubber construction. Phone 0800 175 571

Cable Covers | Cable Protection | Cable Protectors - Highway 1

Highway1 cable covers & cable protection systems: Protect your cables with rubber cable protectors. Our cable covers are easy to use & install.

Kerb Ramp | Kerb Ramps | Phone: 0800 175 571 - Highway 1

Kerb Ramps: Made from a high density rubber the Highway 1 Kerb Ramp is very durable and being modular is easy to install and remove. Phone today

Wheel Chocks | Rubber Wheel Stoppers |Phone: 0800 175 571 - Highway 1

Rubber wheel stops by Highway1: Wheel chocks can save lives - must have for loading dock environments, truck & trailer yards, mechanic workshops etc.

Cold Mix Asphalt | Cold Asphalt | Pothole Repairs - Highway 1

Looking for Cold Mix Asphalt? Cold Asphalt by Highway 1 is an ideal product for fixing potholes or making asphalt repairs in your driveway or carpark. Freephone: 0800 175 571.

Cold Mix Binder | Cold Asphalt Binder - Highway 1

Wanting to make your own coldmix asphalt? Bitumend Active from Highway 1 makes it easy to manufacture polymer modified cold asphalt.

Millings | Recycled Asphalt | Rural Driveways - Highway 1

Looking for Asphalt Millings or Recycled Asphalt for your rural driveway? E-Mix from Highway 1 is an ideal product for surfacing rural driveways, fixing potholes, controlling dust on your drive or yard

Concrete Crack Repair | Concrete Driveway Repair - Highway 1

Concrete crack repair by Highway 1 Ideal for repairing cracks in concrete driveways & asphalt. Prevent cracks from becoming potholes. 0800 175 571

Concrete Crack Repair | Cold Mix Asphalt | Pothole Repair

Call Highway1 on 0800 175 571 for asphalt & concrete repair crack repair products including cold mix asphalt perfect for pothole repairs.

Bitumend Topseal Asphalt Sealer - Highway 1

Bitumend Topseal is a special bitumen emulsion for the protection and preservation of asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt Release Agents - Highway 1

Environmentally friendly release agent that prevent asphalt from sticking to shovels, pavers and truck decks

Asphalt Degreasors - Highway 1

We have both environmentally friendly and heavy duty degreasing agents for cleaning bitumen from just about any surface

Asphalt Maintenance Videos

Videos of how to look as fix potholes and cracks in asphalt driveways

Adhesion Agent

Bitumen modifier for improving the adhesion of bitumen to wet aggregate or chip.Bitubind works as an adhesion agent in asphalt to improve the bond between stone and bitumen to create stronger more durable asphalt mixes. It has been used in New Zealand for the last 4 years by many contractors from Southland to Northland.

Bitumen - All penetration grades

All penetration grades of Bitumen are available here in New Zealand and overseas.onstruction. It is also the primary ingredient in bituminous waterproofing products and bitumen roofing tiles.

Bitumen Emulsion | Cationic Emulsion | Highway 1 - Highway 1

Bitumen Emulsion is bitumen and water emulsified together to create waterproofing and roading binders that are environmentally friendly.