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Incredible Land of Cloud Computing

Here's a list of cloud computing images related to advantages, tips, trends, ideas and much more.


Cloud and DevOps Automation - Simple Tips to Understand It

Cloud and DevOps Automation - Simple Tips to Understand It

There’s a trend of cloudy people moving on to DevOps. Why so? Cloud is at the heart of DevOps and this can be one of the reasons. Also, IT leaders are also excited about cloud and that’s due to automation. Similar to cloud, DevOps is also built on the foundation of automation. So, here are five best tips for cloud and DevOps automation.

Avoid Automation of Bad Processes –
If you automate bad processes, it will enable bad things happen faster. To avoid this, you need to identify, catalog, document, review and refine significant manual processes to ensure you are automating the right activities, at a right time and in the right way. Ensure there is a simplicity, rapidity and excellent output even prior to applying automation. There should be smoothness across department, technology and discipline. In short, begin with easy steps, be intrusive and rehearse systematically.

Brush Up Your Existing Resources –
Since DevOps leaders need to pay high salaries to professionals in cloud and DevOps. Therefore, over 70 percent of the leaders reskill their existing resource, while only 50% hire new one, according to Vanson Bourne research. While choosing new resources it would be logical to choose staff with brilliant knowledge of automation, via multiple technical enhancements, instead of looking for specialists only in automation product or technology.

Don’t Neglect Security –
Requirement of highly privileged user IDs have been significant to the automation systems as well as the staff responsible for them, then may it be scripting a production code release or automating a mainframe IPL. This is red signal to the audit and might lead to incidents that can have great impacts, whether malicious or accidental. Essential audit and control is offered with identity and access management when users are given easy access to the resources when required.

Documentation, Measurement and Backup –
Doing it correctly, makes automation ubiquitous and mission-critical. It’s highly impossible to create transparent systems without documentation in your Cloud and DevOps machine. One can’t understand whether the complex autonomous systems end up troubling or stop running without any measurements. There is a possibility of critical systems leading to failures wherein one can’t recover the data. It’s essential for Cloud and DevOps teams to value and verify traditional disciplines like measurement, documentation and backup though these might be painful.

Converting Awareness into Automation –
Due to its mission-critical feature, automation must offer flexibility in terms of handling failures, errors, exceptions and other unexpected conditions, and with all this, convey the correct result. Concepts similar to desired state and idempotence apply to DevOps and cloud computing. In both technologies, it is necessary for automation routines to be aware of their own as well as surrounding condition in order to test for and adjust unexpected conditions, giving the best results.

All these points surely deliver one message that cloud and DevOps are parallel though they aren’t anything new.


cloud predictions 2016, cloud computing predictions

cloud predictions 2016, cloud computing predictions

In 2016, current-generation cloud environments and offerings are likely to see improvements leading to new technologies valuable for application developers. The main focus of IT staff would be on primary cloud for migrating legacy applications as well as the progress of brand new applications enhanced to work within cloud server environment.The infographic represents top 9 Cloud Predictions for 2016.


Reveal the Reasons for Switching to IPv6

Reveal the Reasons for Switching to IPv6

*Reasons for switching to IPv6 - *

  • Majority of the devices connected to the Internet today are still not compatible with IPv6, and the IPv4 devices will still work for the foreseeable future. It’s not urgent to switch to IPv6, but you should be prepared for switch.

  • Switching to IPv6 is inevitable. It will soon be the only option for adding new devices or hosts on the Internet. Switching sooner rather than later will allow your to continue working normally when IPv4 shuts down completely.

  • IPv6 makes data transmission easier and faster. Also, with a huge number of unique IP addresses available, organizations won’t have to rely on NAT to connect to the Internet. IPv6 enables more streamlined connections and communication for devices.

  • IPv4 is not very secure, at all. When building IPv6, researches had security in their minds. The encryption and integrity-checking used in current VPNs is a standard component in IPv6, available for all connections and supported by all compatible devices and systems.

Cloud App Security

Migrating an application to the cloud isn’t so simple, it requires careful planning and the first step while planning is to identify and document the application security requirements.
#CloudAppSecurity #CloudApplicationDevelopment

Importance of Desktop As A Service in Future

The Desktop-as-a-Service utilizes an innovative control mechanism to security connect the user to the end device. This seemingly eliminates the potential for confidential credentials being captured, stored or stolen. The DaaS ensures access is more secure at both ends of the connection.

Discover the Cloud Security Benefits to SMBs

Cloud isn’t new anymore to all kinds of businesses today. In fact, it’s gaining traction in the market of small and medium-size businesses too and that’s only because it offers numerous benefits like scalability, versatility, time efficiency and trimmed upkeep costs.

Hybrid Cloud Security

The presentation represents five reasons for why your hybrid cloud isn't secure?

Is it the Right Time to Upgrade to Public Cloud?

As cloud computing grows in popularity the demand for high capacity storage devices diminishes. Lowering the amount of money you have to spend to save your companies data.

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8 Simple Tips to Improve Virtualization for SMBs

There have been several virtualization technologies found since over a decade but some businesses prefer only the dedicated servers with proven reliability.

Secure Your Public/Private Key for Cloud Authentication

Services using public/private keys are the secure websites used by enterprises requiring their each client to have a private key for authentication.

Worried About these Eight Cloud Security Concerns?

Cybercrime is on rise and so a proper attention is required for the cloud security concerns to avoid being apologetic in the future.

Minimize Your Stress When Migrating to Cloud with these Three Steps

Moving seems to be stressful and yes it doesn’t depend on the time and place.  You have so many questions going through your mind as below – What if there’s some destruction?What will be the impact...

Minimize Your Stress When Migrating to Cloud with these Three Steps

Moving seems to be stressful and yes it doesn’t depend on the time and place.  You have so many questions going through your mind as below – What if there’s some destruction?What will be the impact...