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Top Resources For Selling A Home With Kids

Selling a home with kids can be challenging. There are more hurdles that need to be overcome when you bring children into the home selling equation. Check out some of the best resources in this list for parents who are selling their home!


Tips For Selling A Home With Kids

Whether it's the first time you're selling a home or it's the tenth time, there will be challenges throughout the home selling process. One challenge that some people may have experienced is selling a home with kids. Selling a home with kids presents a whole new set of hurdles that need to be overcome in order to have a successful home sale.

How to Explain "Moving" to Children

Moving in general is never easy and the transition can be difficult for you and your family, especially if you have children. Try and remember to accentuate the positive aspects and to make it a move-forward opportunity that they can be involved in before and after the move.

Tips For Choosing a Storage Facility

You have just sold your home but will not be moving into your new place for a while. The need for some kind of storage facility to house your belongings has become painfully clear. So h ow do you go about choosing a storage facility that will match your needs without breaking the bank?

Staging and Selling With Kids: Tips To Make Your House Shine

Selling a home while you're still living in it isn't easy, but selling a home when you still live in it and have kids is infinitely harder. From the ongoing hunt for stray toys to buyers who turn their noses up at your daughter's princess pink bedroom walls, you'll have a lot on your plate-but you can still make sure you get great offers when selling with kids.

So you're selling your home...with little ones running around! Talk about double stress! As parents, we just need to adapt as we go, and this is no different, here are a few tips to make things a little more manageable during this exciting yet demanding time: Keeping the home clean (as much as possible) Keeping(...)

12 tips for selling your house with kids

We just put our home on the market, marking the second time we've embarked on the insanity of selling a home with small children afoot. I won't say we're experts, but we've learned a thing or two about doing this that may help save you from couples therapy down the line.

Selling Your House When You Have Kids - Mess for Less

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Google+ Yummly Email Print So we decided to take the plunge and sell our house. It hit the market a few days ago. We are staying in the same town, just looking to move to an area with a little more land.

How to Stage Kid's Rooms when Selling your Home

If you're in the home buying or selling market and you have children, one of your main priorities is the home environment of your children. Similarly to th

Top Tips For Selling A Home With Kids

Selling a home can be challenging. When you add in the children into the equation the complexity of home selling increases significantly. There are many challenges that kids can bring into the equation. Something as simple as keeping a home clean and tidy can become extremely difficult once you add kids into the picture.It's important for parents to make sure their kids know what is going on.