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How To Remove Graffiti From Brick

SoSafe manufactures graffiti removers for all surfaces. Ideal for municipalites, professionals, retail & schools. Approved for use in Australia, USA & EU.

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Biodegradable graffiti remover

SoSafe products are color coded, the color of the circle in the table below represents the most suitable product for that surface. For unusual or unlisted surfaces, contact a SoSafe professional. Information on SoSafe graffiti removal products can be found below the chart.

Industrial Degreasers

Keeping your home, office and industry space or buses clean and dirt free is very important to maintain neatness and safe environment. The best manufacturing products come with a safe chemical composition that make it easier to soften the dirt and get it removed. The top companies manufacture the most useful surface cleaners for different...

Anti Graffiti Coatings & Paint - SoSafe

SoSafe is often asked about the advantages and disadvantages of permanent anti graffiti coatings vs SoSafe Safety Shield (semi sacrificial anti-graffiti coating). While a permanent anti-graffiti coating sound like a good idea on porous surfaces, they generally do not last as an long term solutions.

Best Industrial, Biodegradable Cleaner, Environmentally Friendly Degreaser

SoSafe Spray Away pH Boosted with Surface Active Technology is one of America's fastest growing industrial degreaser with independently proven quick break capabilities.* Spray Away pH Boosted is a safe alternative being non-corrosive, delivering powerful degreasing action to penetrate and solubilise heavy grease loads, leaving surfaces streak free.

Green Mold Removal Products Grout, Kitchen Grease Cleaners, Degreaser

SoSafe mold removal products for exterior and interior surfaces are scientifically proven products, formulated to remove and prevent the regrowth of black mold, mildew, algae, and moss in problem areas. SoSafe mold removal products are gentle on surfaces, easy to apply and a pleasure to work with.

Best Outdoor, Pet, Plant safe Patio Cleaner, PH Neutral

SoSafe External Surface Reviver- pH Boosted Using SoSafe External Surface Reviver pH Boosted is a quick, safe and easy way to clean and restore tired external surfaces. Ideal for cleaning patios, pavers, concrete, wood and stone affected by environmental effects, removing stains caused by water, mold, fungus, moss, grime and other discoloration causing agents, returning the surface to like new condition.

Bathroom Odor Eliminator, Odor Remover Diaper Pail, Vanilla Fresh

SoSafe Vanilla Fresh - Odor Remover Vanilla Fresh is an odor remover and commercial grade surface sanitizer, developed to remove pungent odors such as cigaratte smoke, wet carpet, vomit and urine odors. Vanilla Fresh is a natural, environmentally safe alternative for quaternary ammoniumand bleach compounds.

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish, BBQ Cleaning, Rust Removal Kit

SoSafe's metal care products have raised the bar in performance. By consistently outperforming the competition, SoSafe has won the loyalty of customers who demand quality and excellence. SoSafe has developed a stainless steel cleaner and rust remover, specially formulated to restore and maintain stainless steel surfaces to showroom condition.

Paint Preparation Sugar Soap Replacement, How to Remove Spray Paint

SoSafe Paint Saint is a highly effective, non-crystalizing concentrated surface cleaning solution specially formulated to remove surface contaminates such as dirt, grease, grime, mold and other stains from surfaces prior to painting. Paint Saint is the perfect tool for paint preparation where strong bond between the surface and paint is desired.