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Updated by Auburn Silver on Aug 18, 2015
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Top Surf Spots Around Anantara Bali Uluwatu – surf safe

If there is a stunning breathtaking beach, then the world will be a more beautiful place. Fortunately, the planet we live in never runs out of such beauties. Uluwatu retains a special place when you speak of surfing. Uluwatu's beaches offer you a unique experience. And that is why travellers never stop visiting this destination.



Uluwatu is undoubtedly the most popular surfing spot in Bali. Whether you are a professional or a novice, it simply doesn't matter much just enjoy the wave here and try out your surfing skills. If you happen to be a novice and entertain some fear, then Uluwatu has master supervisors who will keep a watchful eye on you. You can take things for granted as you will be in safe hands. Even if you face imminent danger, the coaches will be at hand to rescue you out. If you register with one of the Bali surf resorts such as Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa, it is much easier to reach Uluwatu without much hassle.



Padang Padang is of course the place where you experience harder waves. You need to be equipped with some surfing skill to handle the wave here. Probably why you see many professionals here than amateurs trying to test the waters. Sometimes Padang Padang wave gets dangerous. If you are well verset in the activity, then you can enjoy the surfing very much here. You can come across the country's most interesting barrels.
Even if you are a professional surfer you should be able to assess the tides.



You can find Bingin at the end of the Impossible's Reef. It doesn't produce long waves. But you can see barrels clean and open. The experts describe the waves as short, sharp and shallow. That is why you can see a good number of surfers here as well. The reef, you can observe, gets quite shallow at the low tide.



Dreamland is absolutely perfect for both beginners and medium levels. If you have fancy for longboarding and bodyboarding, then this is your place. Once you get to the beach, you can see a mellow A-frame wave on the left. The best time to surf Dreamland is when the tides are low and medium. But be careful about the reef underneath. It consists of round rocks. The wave is ideal if you are not much skilled in the activity. If you are still testing your surfing skills, Dreamland is the perfect place to visit as the contents are not strong.


Balangan Beach

You can easily locate this beach if you get to Bali's Bukit Peninsula. Here you can see two sections in the wave. A slower point, for one. And the other section is further down the line. These two sections at times meet one long wave. As you can experience some reefs, it is good to have surf shoes on.



Interestingly you need to take a long hike down many stairs to get to the water. And the stairs may get easily blown out by the winds. So better watch your step.


Green Ball

For spotting marine life, Green Ball is the ideal place. You can easily reach there if you get to the south coast of the Bukit. Your best surfing experience will be between mid and low tide.