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Top Things To Do in Nizwa - Best Activities in Omani Holiday Hub Nizwa

Tipped to be one of Oman's most popular holiday destinations, Nizwa offers visitors a plethora of engaging activities as well. From cave exploring to fort tours here are the area's best activities.


Discover the Nizwa Fort

As an archaeological and historic site synonymous with Nizwa no tour of the Omani city would be complete without a stopover at this iconic landmark. Serving as both a defence mechanism as well as a palace the large complex was commissioned to be built by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya'rubi in the 1650s. Revered as the country's most frequented national landmark the fort served as the administrative office of Walis and Imams through the annals of time. Taking a whopping 12 years to build the venue defended Nizwa's natural and strategic attributes throughout the ages. A tour of the fort will acquaint visitors with the finer details and historic significance of the venue with its canon posts and sky piercing towers. Open through Saturday to Thursday the fort is accessible to visitors from 9am to 4pm on all days except Fridays when the venue is open from 8am to 11am only.


Trek across Oman's Own Grand Canyon

Often regarded as Oman's version of the United States' Grand Canyon the Wadi Ghul is a unique geological area in Nizwa. Staggering in its beauty and vastness the Wadi Ghul is also the deepest canyon in all of the Middle East and the second lowest canyon after the Grand Canyon. The trekking trail across the canyon begins from an ancient Ghul village while visitors can travel up the mountain on a 4x4 vehicle although a hike to the observation point/lookout point is unavoidable.


Shop at Nizwa Souq

Described as one of the must-have retail experiences on a vacation in Nizwa a day of retail therapy at the Nizwa Souq is both a cultural experience as well as a commercial encounter. Selling everything from fruits and vegetables to seafood the market is also the best place to pick up silver wares and other antiques. Hot pick items include locally produced silver khanjars while a wide range of silver items crafted especially for the tourist populace are also sold here.


Explore the Mountain Village of Misfat al Abreyeen

Offering visitors an in-depth look at the traditional lifestyles and pastoral village life of Oman a tour of the Misfat al Abreyeen hamlet is a must for first time visitors to the region. Littered with date plantations the rich heritage of the Omani people is preserved in these pocket communities the scenic mountain village serves as a look back at Oman, in simpler times. Highlights include traditional mountain residences, the village mosque, date palm groves and water pools were local children frolic in the evenings while a public park is also located at the entrance to Misfat al Abreyeen.


Tour the Al Hoota Cave

As one of the most coveted natural attributes in Nizwa the Al Hoota Cave is no ordinary geological anomaly in Oman. Attracting trekking and hiking enthusiasts from around the world the Al Hoota Cave is one of the area's most popular tourist activity bases for several reasons. Littered with stalagmites and stalactites the massive cave is a big hit with geology fanatics as the venue is not only a geological marvel but also contains a geological museum exploring the venue's significance and special features.
Note that the cave is inaccessible during the rainy season as flooding blocks the tourist trail and advanced booking is also required for the tour as the venue can accommodate a maximum of 750 visitors per day. Visitors based in Alila Jabal Akdhar or other reputable hotels in Nizwa Oman can book a tour of the venue through the hotel.