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Updated by Antivia Software on Oct 02, 2015
Headline for The Data Vault: Top 11 data articles, 10 - 17 August
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The Data Vault: Top 11 data articles, 10 - 17 August

Antivia's weekly roundup of the best data articles from the past week.

BI adoption: why it's so important to increase adoption rates

At Antivia, we're passionate about BI user adoption. We believe it is the single most important metric to measure the success of a business intelligence project. The reason for this is simple: it doesn't matter how good a dashboard, report or visualization looks or how efficiently it conveys information if no one uses it.

We asked: How has big data changed your utility?

Big data's impact on our utility has been subtle to this point, and solutions are not fully operationalized or scaled to the enterprise level yet. However, a key change we have seen at AEP is that big data, primarily associated with automated metering deployments, has provided value via analytics in several areas that previously were not possible.

The Rise of Big Data in Ports and Terminals

Although arguably still in the embryonic stage of its development, Big Data analytics is a tool that is being utilised across industries and has become the highest priority in areas such as aviation (61%) and manufacturing (42%).

Mastering dashboard design: how to become a DecisionPoint™ wizard

A dashboard designer has to think of everything - how do I manage the underlying data, how do I lay out the dashboard, which components do I need, what do I do if I have multiple datasets, how can I make the software do exactly what I want?

Big Data: How The Amazing Insights From Video Are Changing The World

OK, admit it: Did you upload a photo to Microsoft's How Old Am I? website when it went viral? If you did, you're not alone. Microsoft sent emails to 50 people asking them to test it, but within two days, 35,000 people had tried it - mostly because it wasn't terribly accurate and the results were often funny.So what's the big deal?

How Airlines Are Using Big Data | SmartData Collective

(Image) With big data now being used in so many different industries, it should probably come as no surprise to hear commercial airlines have been adopting big data analytics to improve their own businesses. Big data can be a highly versatile tool, something that helps companies be more responsive to change and become more prepared for the future.

Healthcare in the Cloud: Six tips for adoption

The landscape of healthcare in the UK has changed dramatically over the last few years. This is not only down to pharmaceutical developments that have enhanced how diseases and illnesses are tackled, such as the early detection of Parkinson's Disease, the recent discovery of a root cause of asthma (CaSR) and the vaccines to protect against HPV, but also the advances made in technology that have helped to better equip the medical profession as a whole.

Big Data Fades to the Algorithm Economy

By Peter Sondergaard Gartner, Inc. Big data is the oil of the 21st century. But for all of its value, data is inherently dumb. It doesn't actually do anything unless you know how to use it. Oil is useless thick goop until it's refined into fuel. Big data's version of refined fuel [...]

How Big Data is Driving the Consumerization of Health Care

Wearable devices, mobility and analytics are shifting the way people move through the health system. Who will be the next Amazon of health care? That's the question posed by PwC in a report that explored how the health care industry is innovating to meet the demands of the digital consumer, or in this case, patient.

How search will save us from the Big Data flood

Information technology is gaining increasing influence in all aspects of everyday life. Big Data is at the vanguard, and the world as we know it is about to undergo a radical change. While the primary goal in the early days of technology was to process large volumes of data and to conduct searches within it, the current development is definitely trending toward intelligent assistance systems. 1.

Big data, big promise?

The past is a foreign country. So is the future. And an integral part of the future is big data. Big data is defined by technology research firm Forrester Research as "techniques and technologies that make capturing value from data at extreme scale economical". It is made possible by the fact that vast amounts of...