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Updated by Jakub Prószyński on May 26, 2017
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Lektury #67

What It Means To Be A Blogger - The Coffeelicious

During my four months of blogging, I received a few blogger awards, however, I was never tagged before. But now it happened! The beautiful Milly from Sevenseasaway tagged me with a new tag, the Being A Blogger tag. The point of the tag is for bloggers to talk about what blogging means to them and I'm very happy to be participating!

The Social Media Marketer's Moral Dilemma - Tech Doodles

To quote or not to quote, that is the question - The Bible. Quotations in social media are wildly, wantonly popular. "Likes" abound for Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein quotes, but... Most of them are fake.

The Top 50 Marketing, Social Media and Productivity Blogs

Having a list of go-to blogs can be a great source of information and inspiration. In our case, the blogs and websites we visit most often provide some amazing articles with in-depth insights, tips, and strategies that help inform our social media sharing.

Now That Vertical Video Is Finally Legitimate, Creatives Need to Rethink Everything

It's hip to be vertical. With smartphones held upright rather than sideways, such full-screen video started gaining big buzz last year as a way for Snapchat to build out an advertising business. Now, "vertical" has become the biggest buzzword in digital marketing.

My 5 Secrets to Sharing Great Content 15 Times a Day - - The Buffer Blog

I've been lucky enough to have people ask me fairly often how I continue to share great content on Twitter on a regular basis. Over the last year I've built up a number of different methods for doing this, as well as ways to keep to both high frequency and high quality.

The Best Blog Strategies We Found, From a Month Without New Posts

One of the implicit values in our Buffer marketing is to challenge assumptions. And one of the biggest assumptions I have about our content is that we should be publishing original articles to the blog multiple times each week. Well ... what might happen if we didn't?

How Facebook's Autoplay Videos Are Ushering in a New Era of Silent Storytelling

Getting aurally blasted by a loud, autoplaying video ad while you're browsing online is certainly one of the more annoying experiences you can have on the Internet. But when the volume default setting on such an ad unit is set to mute-giving viewers the choice to unmute-and when the video is embedded rather than storming the screen, the annoyance factor drops drastically.