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5 Awesome Things to Do in the Maldives - a delightful island nation

The beautiful Maldive Islands are a significant holiday destination offering an array of attractions for the visitor. Some of these fun activities that will entrance the visitor are listed below.


Indulge in water sports

You will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of water sports in the Maldives. From comparatively simple activities like swimming and snorkelling to adrenaline-pumping sports like waterskiing and jet skiing, there is sure to be an activity that will appeal to every visitor to the islands. Surfers and windsurfing are popular activities in the Maldives, with the weather and water conditions being conducive for these sports. Canoeing and kayaking are enjoyable ways to explore the environs of the islands that will appeal to many visitors. Other fun water sports include wakeboarding, parasailing, catamaran sailing, fun tube and banana boating.


Visit the Male fish market

If you desire to obtain a genuine insight into the everyday lives of ordinary Maldivians, make it a point to visit the fish market in Male, the capital of the island nation. This vibrant marketplace is the hub of activity for one of the Maldives' most significant industries, fishing. You will have the opportunity to watch fishermen who sail from the different parts of the country converging at the market to unload their daily fishing harvest. Tuna fish are the principal common kind of fish on sale, but you will also find many other sea creatures at this lively marketplace.


Dive at the Maldives Victory

The Maldives Victory is a seagoing vessel that sank in the year 1981 following a collision with a reef. Today this sizable wreck is a popular attraction for scuba divers lured by the many attractions to be found here. At the site you will find challenging sea currents and an array of splendid marine life including attractive coral formations and colourful fish that are a joy to observe. Although this site is only suitable for experienced divers under the supervision of a local expert, it offers many interesting features for the diver which greatly reward the effort made.


Go island hopping

As you might expect in an island nation consisting of more than 1,000 islands, exploring a number of these picturesque islands is sure to be a delightful opportunity. Island hopping provides you with the chance to do just that; to journey from one island to the next and thereby explore this extensive archipelago. Visitors will have the opportunity to undertake this journey on a traditional dhoni, a seafaring vessel that has been used in the Maldives for many decades. You will be able to observe the mode of life of ordinary Maldivians and the tropical scenery in the islands. An excellent choice of accommodation for visitors would be a holiday resort and spa Maldives offers like the Adaaran Club Rannalhi. This attractive resort offers quality accommodations with a host of convenient amenities.


Explore Male

The Maldivian capital Male is always an intriguing place to explore, offering a host of interesting sights for the visitor. In this small but captivating city you will find an array of interesting sightseeing attractions. No visit to Male would be complete without visiting the well-known Republic Square, or Jumhooree Maidan, which is an attractive sight. Another well-known sightseeing highlight is the Presidential Palace, or Mulee Aage, which is a splendid edifice. An attraction of an entirely different kind is the tomb of Kan'Baa, an interesting sight that attracts its share of visitors.