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Best Natural Facial Cleansers - Top Reviews List for 2016

It is a fact that many types of skin products these days can contain ingredients that are - short or long-term - actually harmful to skin. So - why not find a good natural face cleanser? I can't think of a good reason not too - the benefits are greater, and you get (simply) clean and refreshed skin.

For 2016, here is a list of top-reviewed and best-selling natural face cleansers - these are the ones that consumers (by reviews) say they can count on to do the job.

PS: Some additional handy lists, reviews and tips are also included here for you to check further and do your own research if you like. =)


Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash - Original

We at Desert Essence believe in renewal. Renewal for body, mind and spirit. Inspired by the healing spirit of the desert, our sustainable, natural products draw from nutrient rich desert botanicals like Jojoba, Aloe and Tea Tree, all revered in native cultures for their deep healing properties...

Burt's Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser

Remove dirt, oil and make-up to reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion with lightweight Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser. This plant-based cream cleanser contains jojoba beads and a fruit acid complex to help encourage normal skin cell turnover...

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream

Gently deep cleanse skin, wash away impurities and effectively, yet gently exfoliate it with this granular cream for all skin types. The rich paste removes dirt and debris without stripping away moisture, and contains a blend of herbal extracts that leaves skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated...

Alba Botanica Enzyme Facial Cleanser Pineapple

Awaken your a-glow-ha. Say hello to a renewed and radiant complexion with this fresh-faced cleanser. Pore-refining pineapple and skin-brightening papaya enzymes wash away impurities, make-up and dullness. Aloe, hibiscus and passion flower provide much needed R&R to soothe and balance...

Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser, 6 Fluid Ounce

Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser is perfect for you sensitive types, made with all natural, calming ingredients for a smoothing cleanse that will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. This gentle formula combines Soy Proteins, for a moisturizing cleanse that won't strip skin, and Green Tea for an anti-oxidant dose of softness...

Best Natural Face Cleansers

Another list! This time in video form. Here is another place to get a look at which natural face cleansers are getting the most attention this year...

Best Natural Face Cleansers - Top 5 List for 2016

This year's ten "best of" natural and organic facial cleansers...

2016 Best Natural Facial Cleansers - Top 10 List

When it comes to facial care, cleansing the skin is probably the most important step – and natural facial cleansers are definitely the way to go since they tend to do the job right without harmful short or long-term effects...

Homemade Face Wash - A Natural Facial Cleanser

For years I used commercial face wash products without looking at the ingredients. (Sigh.) Back then I suppose I was enticed by the care-free, flawless-skinned, flowing-hair teenage beauties bouncing around in their commercials. I thought they could have been my friends.

Everything you need to know about natural skin care

It turns out beauty is more than skin deep: The average person slathers, lathers, rubs and sprays, 10 different skin care products on his or her body every day--and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, we absorb the nearly 130 chemicals we regularly expose ourselves to.

6 Mistakes You're Making Washing Your Face
  1. Overdoing it Too much washing can age your skin. Do it no more than twice daily, though an extra wash pre- or post-workout is okay. 2. Using a harsh cleanser Consider swapping out soap - which can strip your skin of its natural oils and cause irritation - for a non-soap cleanser, like Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free Daily Cream Facial Cleanser ($8,, particularly if you have sensitive skin.
Are Natural Skin Care Products Better?

You can't hide your skin, so you want to take care of it. You want to put your best face forward - with clear, glowing, smooth, natural skin. You may even be willing to spend more for skin care products that boast better results because contain natural ingredients or are labeled "organic."

The Organic Way To Beautiful Skin

If you're overwhelmed by the amount of skin-care products out there, you're not alone. How can you wade through them all when they're all claiming to be the greatest, the most natural, the most organic? Our beauty expert explains how best to care for your skin.

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