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Supplier of Solar Water Heating Systems in Canada

Are you looking for solar water heating Kits? End your search here, you came to the right place, we provide the best quality solar accessories including solar water heating systems, heaters, kits and etc. Contact us today at 1-800-317-9054 to know more information.

How Do You Install Pre-Engineered Solar Water Heating System?

Are you thinking to invest in solar water heaters? If yes, then you should look no further than Northern Lights DIY pre-engineered solar water heating kits. They are specifically designed for the home owners who don’t have any prior knowledge of solar water heating systems.

Install Pre-Engineered Solar Water Heating System - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

First of all you have to locate the position of solar collectors. It will determine the overall performance of the whole system. The most important thing is to choose a location that minimizes shading and maximizes the southern exposure.

However, a south looking roof during winter may be perfect. If it is shaded by foliage from large trees during summer, it will minimize the performance. You shouldn’t stress more even if the location is not exact south as vacuum tubes will do well anywhere between southwest and southeast.

Why Do You Buy Northern Lights Compact Solar Water Heaters?

Are you looking to buy the affordable solar water heaters? Why don’t you consider investing in compact or integrated solar water heaters! The Northern Lights Compact Solar Water Heaters come with high performance TZ58 1800 SunRain solar collectors. These units are designed specifically for providing domestic hot water.

Buy Northern Lights Compact Solar Water Heaters - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

The Compact Solar Water Heating kit is available with storage tank and heat pipe vacuum tubes. These kits are certified by SRCC to deliver domestic hot water for family of four to five people. They have 80 gallon stainless steel made, heavily insulated water tank.Generally, the compact solar water heater should be placed on a southern facing roof or is mounted on the ground with a 45-degree frame system. This solar water heating system is very simple to connect and install.

4 Best Reasons to Invest in Compact Solar Water Heaters - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

Northern Lights Compact or integrated solar water heating systems are considered as the most affordable solutions. These heating kits come with High Performance TZ58 1800 SunRain Solar Collectors. The solar water heating systems are designed strictly for residential hot water purposes.

Best Reasons to Invest in Compact Solar Water Heaters - Solar Tubs

The solar water heaters come with a storage tank and the heat pipe vacuum tubes are integrated into a complete unit. These systems are SRCC certified to deliver hot water to residential premises for a family of four to five people. The system comes with a heavily insulated 80 gallon stainless steel water tank.

How Do Solar Water Heaters Using Solar Vacuum Tubes Work?

There’s a huge availability of solar collectors on the market today. Flat plate collector is used most popularly in North America. It’s a good collector for residential hot water purposes. This collector works most of the season; but loses its performance during winter.

Solar Vacuum Tubes | Northern Lights Solar Solutions

If you’re looking to produce solar hot water at a higher temperature, then you should consider heating with solar vacuum tubes. Rest assured that, you’ll get outstanding results. Solar evacuated tube collectors work like coffee thermos. Vacuum tubes absorb the heat energy that can’t escape easily.

But flat plate collector works like an ordinary coffee cup. The heat energy produced by a flat plate collector gets escaped through the walls of the collector easily. During winter, the outside temperature remains colder and the heat loss will be much greater with solar evacuated tube collectors.

How Do You Design Solar Water Heating System?

Since the late 1800s, most commercial premises have been using solar hot water heating systems. Over the years, the solar water heating has evolved drastically and currently, these systems are powered through solar vacuum tubes ensuring optimal efficiency and maximum performance.

It’s estimated that around 200,000,000 solar water heaters ( are available around the world and the Asia leads the way whereas Europe comes the second. Out of all the available solar powered heating kits, Northern Lights solar water heating system tops the list.

Understanding Solar Water Heating System - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

The heating kit uses an active loop technology that enables indirect way of water heating through close loop. An internal heat exchanger is present in the bottom part of a specifically-designed solar water storage tank. The system comes with sophisticated solar differential controllers, capable of maximizing system performance. On an average, the systems are able to deliver over 2MW free heat energy for your residential water applications.

Why Do You Invest in Solar Water Heating Package?

Solar water heating is one of the most efficient ways to harness the power of the sun. This type of heating system is five to ten times more efficient than the solar photo voltaic system. It’s one of the most affordable ways to use renewable technologies in home or building by incorporating solar hot water.

Northern Lights has been providing perfectly-engineered solar water heating - kits. All of their solar products are geared towards the DIY market ensuring great savings. Remember that, DIY doesn’t mean that you’re on your own.

Why Do You Use Modern Solar Hot Water Heaters?

For the last 20 years, solar heating systems have been gaining popularity due to improved level of performance and affordability. The demand for solar water heating systems continues to grow. Equipped with specialized selective coatings, they are capable of delivering around 96% of solar thermal energy.

Why Do You Use DIY Solar Water Heaters? - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

Northern Lights is the premier name in providing Do-It-Yourself solar heating kits that range from residential solar water heating systems to complete solar home heaters. Their DIY solar heaters come with everything you’ll need to get your work done. There’s no need of plumbing work for solar piping.

4 Best Residential Solar Hot Water Heaters - Solar Tubs

Primarily, solar hot water heaters are used for heating water at homes and business. The energy consumption at home includes around 20-40% from hot water. Obviously, you’re looking for a way to minimize the expensive energy consumption costs. This is where solar water heater comes in.

Pre-Heat Solar Tank System - Solar Tubs - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

The Pre-Heat Solar Tank System comes with two tanks – solar pre-heat tank and a solar hot water storage tank with an internal heat exchanger for water heating. However, the solar pre-heat tank system is used to supply warm water to your existing hot water tank.This type of solar water heating kit is the common retrofit as it utilizes the existing hot water tank and requires very little retrofit to the plumbing system.

Consumption of electricity and bills are going high day after day and never go below. Therefore, you need to look for ways to reverse this process. One way to minimize electricity consumption and bills is by using a solar water heating kit.A solar water heater works using solar energy, a natural and renewable source of energy. It’s highly abundant in nature and is completely free of cost. Using solar energy helps you heat water that contributes towards a greener planet.

How Does Solar Water Heater Help You Save More?

Most people around the world want to conserve natural resources. The solar water heating kit is a perfect way to minimize cost related to water heating.Sunlight is freely available throughout the year. Solar water heaters use free sun light emitted from the sun to heat up water. All you have to pay for is during the installation. After that, you can see less in electricity bills.You can get different savings depending on the climate conditions. In the sunny climates, this system can help you save more on electricity bills and in winter, the reduction in charges will be also low.

Why Do You Consider Using Solar Hot Water Heaters at Home? - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

Solar thermal systems have significantly evolved over the years because of their optimal performance and affordability. The demand for solar heating system continues gradually. They are well-equipped with selective coatings that are capable of capturing up to 96% of the solar thermal energy. Currently, the solar heating kits come with solar evacuated tubes. These tubes can reach the temperatures of 450 F as they are controlled by solar thermal differential controllers. The solar water heating kits are available with specially designed solar storage tank that comes with internal heat exchangers combined with additional insulation and internal temperature ports.

The Significance of Pre-Engineered and Pre-Sized Solar Heating Packages

Quick Installation – The solar powered heating systems come with Plug n’ Save technology that doesn’t require any soldering or electrical work.

Performance and Reliability – Solar evacuated tube heaters are pre-engineered and sized to provide both homeowners and business owners with optimal performance and reliability by using customized simulation software.

Highly Expandable – Solar water heating systems are perfectly engineered to be expandable to secondary heating applications like solar home heating and solar pool heating.

Safety – The pre-engineered solar systems come with Zimlet high temperature solar expansion tanks. These tanks are made in Italy and are ideal for solar heating applications as they come with high temperature EPDM rubber bladders.

Understanding Different Types of Solar Water Heaters - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

Are you looking for the cost-effective and easiest ways to save more on energy consumption? Why don’t you harness the solar energy directly! This is where solar water heaters come in handy. Heating water at home by using solar energy takes you back to 1892 when the first solar water heater was used for residential application. Currently, North America and the entire worldwide countries are providing lucrative tax incentives on solar powered systems. That’s why the use of solar water heating has grown immensely throughout the world.

New Compact Solar Water Heater - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

This solar water heater is ideal for those looking for heating hot water at home. It’s the better alternative to the more advanced closed loop solar water heaters and doesn’t have any moving parts or pump.

The compact solar water heating system works really well in southern climates that seldom get freezing conditions and are good to work up to 20 F or -5 C. This solar heater sits on the ground or gets mounted on the roof.

Usually, the 80 gallon solar storage tank is integrated with solar evacuated tubes and is capable of providing hot water for a family of four to five people.

If you are thinking to buy solar hot water heaters, you should look no further than Northern Lights Solar Tubs. For more information, feel free to call us at +1 800-317-9054.

Generally, solar water heaters are used for heating water in both residential and commercial premises. Hot water takes around 20-40% of the energy consumption at home. If you’re looking to minimize the costs, you should definitely switch to solar water heating system. Northern Lights solar hot water heaters can minimize the cost of heating water by 65-75% in an average. These systems are easy to install and available with every component required getting the installation done. They use specifically engineered and insulated stainless steel solar piping and fittings ensuring that there’s no requirement of any complicated piping work and soldering.

Compact Solar Water Heater - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

The compact solar water heater is useful for those who are looking for solar heating for hot water at home. It’s an ideal alternative to more advanced closed-loop solar water heating system as it has no moving parts or pump. This water heating system works really well in southern climates that seldom get freezing conditions. It’s really good to work at 20 F or -5F. You can keep this solar heater on the ground or mount on the roof. Are you looking to buy solar water heaters for residential or commercial purposes? If yes, then you should look no further than Northern Lights Solar Tubs. We specialize in providing solar combo tank system, compact solar water heater, solar tankless water heater, and pre-heat solar tank system.

5 Best Reasons to Invest in Solar Pool Water Heating in 2021 - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

The summer days give you ideal swimming conditions and allow you enormous opportunities to escape the heat. What about swimming on not-so-hot days? If you want to get the most out of your pool year-round, pool heating systems are the perfect alternative to maintain the water at the right temperature, making it comfortable for swimming. Solar pool water heating systems are highly popular for pools and take a look at why do you switch to solar pool heaters in 2021: