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Project Management Tips and Techniques

Read the project management tips, advice, how to manage software and industry news from our project management professional.

Attributes of a Successful Project Manager

Indeed, to become a successful project management professional, you have to initiate, embrace and innovate on change! Of course, you should also have the following personal traits to become a successful project manager.

Benefits of Project Management Software

Project Management Software enables stakeholders and project managers to control & manage costs, documentation and also quality management. Basically, Project management Software is used for project planning, resource allocation, time management and also for change management.

Time Management Made Easy for Project Managers

Time management, which is defined as the process of planning, implementing and evaluating conscious control over time spent on specific tasks with the purpose of increasing effectiveness and efficiency, is a concept that project managers should be aware of. 

Ways to Get Most Out of Your Project Team

You, as the project manager, have the responsibility of ensuring that your team members perform in an effective and efficient manner that, in turn, affects the team’s overall productivity. While getting the most out of the team members can appear like a daunting task considering the diversity of knowledge, skills and personalities present, you can keep the following tips in mind.

How to Identify Future Performers in Your Team

Discovering future performers in your team depends on your company requirements and the methodology that you use to assess performance. As a manager or an owner, you’ll need to have a good idea about the most important organisational criteria and the ability of employees to address those.

How to Get Projects Done Effectively

While effectiveness and efficiency are often used interchangeably among non-project management professionals, these terms have different meanings. Effectiveness is about using and doing the right things to achieve positive results, while efficiency is about doing things in the right manner.

Steps to Avoid Project Burnout

Missed deadlines and being over budget are some common concerns at work. Eventually, a person becomes overwhelmed and just throws in the towel. There are ways to avoid getting the point of being burned out while working on a project. It takes just a few simple steps to make it happen.

What can project managers teach marketing managers?

Marketing managers are among the most disciplined and committed professionals. After all, marketing management is a demanding profession requiring the intelligent applications of marketing orientation, techniques and tools in organisations for the management of its marketing resources, activities and audience.

8 Project Management Trends to Watch for in 2015

Project managers (PMs) each year face challenges to bring projects through to a successful completion. The year 2015 will be no different from in years past as far as this is concerned.

How to Track Tasks Better and Delegate Even Better

Delegation is the process of assigning responsibility and/or authority to another person on the team usually from a manager to a team (e.g., chief finance officer to accountant) for carrying out specific activities. 

Project Management Reports – Visibility is Key

Information that is presented in clear and concise form can have an incredibly positive impact onproject management. This is why the creation of a detailed report can be determining for making sure that the project implementation has taken place in the best possible way.

Seven Things that can Kill Productivity at Work

What pops to mind when you think about productivity killers? Social media will certainly appear among the most common answers. CareerBuilder carried out a survey among employees to figure out what factors prevented them from being productive.

How to Avoid Project Failure

Project managers and their team members dread the prospect of failure because of its personal and professional implications. But while everything that can go wrong will go wrong in any project – it’s Murphy’s Law, after all – the best project managers adopt effective and efficient measures to avoid project failure.

The Importance of the Project Management Software Dashboard

What does it take to choose the right project management software? Should you focus on the price or should you pay attention to the feature? The answer is simple – both of these areas are important.

Building Trust among the Team for Project Success Is Important

Building trust among the team members as well as between the team members and yourself, as the project manager, is crucial to the success of the project regardless of its nature, scope and duration. 

Why do projects run late?

Failure to deliver the expected results at the expected time can increase dissatisfaction among project stakeholders. What are the common causes for delays?

Communicating Effectively Is the Key to Project Success

In the Project Management Institute’s 2013 Pulse of the Profession report, effective communications across all stakeholders in the project was identified as the most crucial factor for success in project management. 

Project Management Mistakes and How to Dodge Them

Even the best project managers will admit to making man mistakes in the course of their careers. Mistakes, after all, can become valuable lessons toward becoming a better project manager especially when these are analysed well.

Project Manager Personalities

The project management team is composed of several personalities that the project manager should learn to manage in addition to the project itself. Indeed, nothing will get done without people in a project, thus,

Key Elements for Conducting Successful Boardroom Meetings

Board room meetings are mandatory events that corporates conduct to discuss future agendas and other action items for their business. However, at times they become boring and leave your employees frustrated. But if they are executed successfully, they can impact your productivity and helps in accomplishing your goals.

20 Healthy Tips for Boosting Productivity at Workplace

There are 24 hours in a day, we spend almost a third of it at work and sometimes more. So how does one work smarter to achieve higher levels of productivity? Below, we give you 20 healthy tips which will not only boost productivity but will also ensure you maximise your creative input at work.

8 Fundamental Ways to Run a Successful Project

The project development phases are packed with complexities of every kind – right from the time-span, budget and quality, everything needs to be looked upon for its successful completion.

Conflicts in Project Management and How to Resolve Them

Even the best-laid plans in project management will run into conflicts in several areas, such as conflicts in schedules, personalities, and costs. The best project managers expect, even thrive on, these conflicts because these can be used toward the betterment of the team and the project itself, if and when these are harnessed for their positive aspects.