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Top Websites For Fun Party Games

If you are hosting an adult party then you have to consider if it is a fun or more formal night, there are fun adult party games for both. You should also think about the people that you have invited, not all people like to participate in party games.

Feel the pain. Novelist Norman Mailer arm wrestling with heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali in 1965 PHOTO: AP The Book (Three or four well-known books; pencils; paper) Choose a book (eg The Hound of the Baskervilles). Players have to write down what they think the first sentence should be.

The family that plays together stays together. Here’s some entertainment for your next gathering

Love 'em or hate 'em, party games are big for showers! We think they are great to get people mixing and having fun. Don't over do it; you only need one or two games. Our best advice... have really great prizes to get everyone enthusiastically playing!

These adult party game ideas are the perfect icebreaker for any party or birthday. Here you'll find ten new games, which are easy for you to set up. You won't needing anything other than a large space to play. For any running games, make sure to remove obstacles that could trip up players - like side tables, floor plants, slippery rugs.

Get attention of the group. Stand where everyone can see you. Use the other adults as helpers. Groups will cooperate better if they know what is going to happen. Plan your activities to move easily from game to game. For instance, if everyone is seated, then play two or three "sitting" games.

Is your child's birthday coming up? Count on these fun games to keep the party hopping. Use the instructions as a guide or alter them to fit your party's theme.

Looking for some fun outdoor games to play at your next barbecue or family party? Good ol' fashioned group games — from sack races to cornhole and other toss games — are all the rage these days! So check out this list of our favorite old and new outdoor games (to buy or DIY) that will make your backyard the ultimate kid-friendly party spot this summer. Many of these games are also great for the beach!

The best party games guide website on the web! Here you can find great party game ideas for all ages and settings: kids, teens, college students, businesses, and more! Click on a game below to read the guide. You can also browse party games by age, party games by group size, and party ...

Even the bravest, most experienced parents quake at the thought of entertaining an excited group of children with party games and activities! Although we all have a store of favourites from our own childhood - my personal favourites were The Chopsticks Game and Pass the Parcel - you need to have a really good supply prepared for and we suggest that you plan on using at least 4 games more than you think will fill up the time!