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Top Bank Appraisal Resources & Articles

Bank appraisals are a very common step within the real estate transaction process. A bank appraisal can sometimes be a deal killer. It's highly recommended that both buyers and sellers understand what a bank appraisal is and what to expect from it. This list provides the best resources relating to bank appraisals!


Top Bank Appraisal Resources

The bank appraisal is a huge piece to the real estate home selling puzzle. Problems can arise from a bank appraisal and truly be a show stopper!

What Should I Expect From A Bank Appraisal When Selling My Home? (with image, tweet) · KyleHiscockRE

A bank appraisal is a large piece to the puzzle when it comes to selling (and buying) a home. A bank appraisal is done anytime a buyer is going to be getting a mortgage. This resource provides some excellent information on what to expect from a bank appraisal!

Common Issues With A Bank Appraisal In Real Estate

Selling a home is similar to completing a puzzle. There are many steps to the home selling process, whether it's the first home you're selling or the fifth home. One missing piece to the home selling "puzzle" will commonly result in an unsuccessful home sale.

Real Estate Appraisal: What Appraisers Look At

A visit from an appraiser is an inevitable part of selling your home. Even if your buyer is happy to pay what you ask and loves the place, the lender will still require that an objective third party - in the form of a professional appraiser - come through the home to determine its value.

10 Appraisal terms you should know - Birmingham Appraisal Blog

10 Appraisal terms you should know If you've ever gotten a home appraisal for either a home equity loan, refinance, or home purchase you may have looked over it and wondered what some of the terms used mean.

Tips For Dealing With Low Appraisals - For Buyers and Sellers

Posted by Debbie Drummond on Monday, May 5th, 2014 at 11:21pm. Low appraisals can result in deals that are re-negotiated, delayed or cancelled. This is one reason sellers prefer cash buyers who waive the appraisal contingency. FHA and VA loans where buyers are putting little or zero down on the home are especially conservative.

Coral Springs Real Estate/South Florida Real Estate

Say the word "appraisal" and it can elicit all kinds of emotions in home Sellers and Buyers, alike. It's likely due to the fact that a home sale is dependent upon the appraisal.