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How to Get Pets to Litter in the Right Spot: Your Litter Training Guide

Unfortunately, some people have to deal with animals that will not use the litter box. This is considered a pretty serious problem. The good news, though, is that it's usually also a fixable one. Read on.

Choose Real Grass when Training, Dogs Love Real Grass

Using dog litter boxes as a dog potty solution is easy and convenient. Our dog litter box was created to make living with your dog in an apartment or condo easier. Dog litter boxes are easy to maintain and simple to train your dog to use. We use only real natural dog potty grass in our dog litter box so 95% of the time there is no training needed. Dog owners living in the city are always looking for a better way to deal with their dog potty problems, this is the solution.

If your cat fails to use the litter box, it is important to first determine the cause behind her litter box issues. Once you have determined whether the problem is behavioral or medical, you can try these steps to correct your cat's litter box use.

5 Litter Box Training Tips

Read more Read less 5 Litter Box Training Tips Karen Zukowski/Corbis | GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images (3) | Fernando Bengoechea/Beateworks/Corbis Adopting a cat can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences life has to offer. Kitties are soft, playful and fiercely loyal to the ones they love.

Housetraining For Dummies

Here's a key housetraining tip: Whether you're potty-training a puppy or adult dog, the housetraining process works best if you think about how your canine companion thinks, feels, and learns. To get what you want from your dog, you first have to tune in to what your dog wants.

How to Train a Rabbit to Use a Litter Box | Howcast

Step 1 Be patient Shore up a good store of patience before you begin litter training your rabbit. It may take a while... A spayed or neutered rabbit will be much easier to litter train. Step 2 Line the small box Litter-training a rabbit is a two-tier process.

Litterbox Training Your Dog

Litterbox training is much easier if you combine it with Crate Training. Below I will give you steps the accompolish this training as well as a trick that helped with my male Chihuahua. Training a Toy breed to a litter box is very convenient for apartment dwellers.

You may know from experience that it can be quite a challenge to potty train a small dog. Small dogs have smaller bowels and bladders, yet have to process more food and water for their size than larger dogs. As a result, they may need to eliminate more often-and that means more responsibility for you.

What is a Dog Litter Box?

While most dog owners teach their dogs to go outside, some prefer to litter box train. Litter box training a dog is similar to paper training, but offers a more permanent solution. A dog litter box and doggy litter are the only supplies needed for this endeavor.

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