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Web Design and Development

Hi! I am a curious person who loves technology very much. I have just made a list about web design and development. You can read here some useful tips/ idea about web design and development stuffs and trends. Actually complete written solution for all kinds of Web design and development problems.


Best way to choose a web designer

Web design includes different types of proficiency and understanding in the products and services of the website. There are various parts of web design which are graphic design, interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization. Good web designers are capable in different types of high-level programming languages which are used for creating script for the Web.

What's Your Selection Criteria for Web Design Company?

It is an inarguable fact that for attaining success in today's competitive market you have to provide users the best brand experience. The waves of marketing have experienced high tides in recent years as the mobile web has authorized the consumers to choose from the plenty of platforms available.

What Are the Graphic and Web Design Trends in 2015 and coming world?

We are in era of Technology. Everyone is close to technology and desires to perform everything in front of internet. People use up most of their time researching on the internet regarding their venture. Talking about graphic and Web design, you have to follow the complete range of possibilities presented by the internet.

Content Management System: Joomla

Award winning Content Management System Joomla enables you to develop websites as well as powerful online applications. This CMS is Open Source and you can get it free of cost It is based on PHP for producing dynamic web pages.

Typical Mistakes web freelancer should avoid

Freelancers refer to the one performing tasks generally for multiple employers for a certain period of time. They are like a free agent who sells their services to the highest bidder.You can find freelancers through different freelancing sites available. Everyone wants to hire freelancers to put up their project in an effective way.

Find here: Ways to increase your web presence on search engine

The Website includes a collection of web files on a specific subject including an initial page that is home page. It is very important component for all the types of business. If you do not have an online presence of your business or your web presence does not create any traffic, your business is lacking on a potentially great source of promotion for the company.

LinkedIn Profile: Optimize It Today

Business oriented social networking site LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn is one of the appropriate social media platforms for personal branding. It is very helpful to develop an influential presence on the most popular proficient social network with more than 377 million professionals.

Tips: Run a successful social media campaign

The group of online communication channels that allow different user to create, share content and involve in different types of activities is known as social media. Nowadays, it has become an essential part of life due to increase in different social media platform and applications.

Making employees aware of marketing strategies

Building marketing strategies with link and relationship management All big organizations believe in teaching marketing skills to their employees. The theory of marketing is applicable to all the organizations, which are operating, in the global scale. With change in needs and wants of the customer, the organizations have to change accordingly.

2015 SEO Strategies

2015 SEO Strategies That Will Help You Boost Your Revenue. Google as well as all other large search engine firms have constantly been adding various tweaks to their designs and have actually changed the entire way search engines work in the past few months multiple times.

Ways to Get Google to index your website speedily

At the time you write articles/contents on your websites or blogs you wish them to be noticed by everyone and indexed by search engine speedily. However, you need to wait a moment for Googlebot to crawl your site add up to the Google index.

What to Consider before Choosing a Web Hosting company?

Web hosting refers to the internet hosting service that lets business or an individual to make their website visible in the Internet. Your business website helps to make your business recognizable within the people around the world. However, web hosting gives breath to your online presence.

Tools that improves Social media marketing results

Some effective and useful information about Social media marketing tool.

How to make your web design future proof?

Every business are founded to run long lastingly. To make website future proof web designers and developers should focus on the recent trend and utilise it in the web presence.

What works best in digital marketing today?

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of products and services along with brand through web or different types of electronic medium. Here are some useful information regarding the various types of technologies used in Digital marketing.

Ways to choose right fonts for small screens

Now-a-days people also prefer to visit the website through the small screens like mobile, tablets, i-pad etc. This indicates website should favor both small as well as large screen. To choose right font for your website go through this article.

Ruby on Rails all you need to know

Ruby on rails is a very popular programming language developed by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto. Although Rails are known for its use in web programming, it is recognized as a general purpose programming language.

Social Media to improve SEO

Social media and SEO both are strongly connected strategies. Both consist of organic, inbound strategy focusing on developing appealing features magnetizing audiences. As, social media depend on unique and quality content and a noticeable brand presence, the effort you perform on SEO can improve your social media reach effortlessly.

Is your design Out-of-date?

Out-of-date design does not make the good user functionality. With the upgrading technologies and design trends, designers focus to update their design. However, most of the brands are unknown their design is out-of-date and they need to redesign it in order to meet the latest trend.

Is Mobile Apps essential for your business?

In today's era, most of the people feel convenient to perform their daily activities through mobile devices. They utilize mobile application platforms through different types of mobile devices, tablets to acquire different types of information or the services they require. Thus, this makes mobile app needy component to take your business forward in today's marketplace.

Online logo makers

Logo is the essential part of any business or brand. Designing a logo takes a lot of creativity and thought. Before designing a logo research plays vital role...

Material Design all you need to know

Material design refers to the visual language originated by Google's design team. This design illustrates a bead on assisting web designers to turn up with mobile apps together with websites that are not just useful but functional and reachable as well. This plan is stimulated by an existing document obtainable to the public.

How to start a business with great Domain Name?

Domain name refers to the unique identity of your business or your personal websites. Domain name Registration is the procedure of registering a domain name identifying one or more IP address with a name which is easy to remember and utilize within the URLs for recognizing the specific websites.

Fresh Web designing tools beneficial for your business

Here are some list of those web designing tool that are very essential for business. As website is best marketing tool to your business.

Benefit your business with Mobile-Optimized Website

Mobile device refers to the hand-held computers, which is fits well in the palm or in the pockets and is easy to use as well. To know the advantages of responsive website design or mobile optimised website read this article...