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List: Content Marketing & Blogging Articles

Content marketing is a main traffic driving source of today's Internet.

64 Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Blog - Jeffbullas's Blog

The world is a crowded place, with seven billion people and counting. That's just the physical world. There is another dimension that is just as real but it's digital. According to latest reports we have nearly 2.5 billion internet users which is only 37% of the world's population.

50 One-Sentence SEO Tips for Bloggers - Jeffbullas's Blog

All serious bloggers are interested in building a large community of enthusiastic readers, and this is why SEO is so critical to your success. Without good search visibility, people who are interested in your content, but don't know you, may never find you. SEO best practices are primarily driven by Google, and change frequently.

6 Simple Tips to Grow a Large Email List - Jeffbullas's Blog

When I was 18, I sold one of my blogs - and it paid for two years of college. Want to know what I've learned from writing three "successful" blogs and dozens of smaller efforts? Out of everything I've done to build my blogs, one stands out as the most powerful by far: email lists.

SEO Explained | Marketing Blog Verve

SEO. It's changed drastically over the last 5 or so years. It once focused on keywords and link building and now focusing more towards helpful content that is popular and answers searchers questions.

A 6-Step Writing Process to Blog More and Stress Less

Blogging is sucking the life out of you. Every time you hit publish, it all just starts again. Again... and again. Like a never ending loop, you sit down to write and it feels like groundhog day. Your brain is fried, you're out of ideas and your audience is impatiently waiting for more content.

7 Blogging Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Being a blogger means there are always 20+ things on your to-do-list. It never ends! Your blog ends up being like a child that you tend to, care for and protect in all ways you can. This experience is highly rewarding, but like a child, it changes your life forever.

7 Smoking Hot Changes Coming to Content Marketing

You get it. Content marketing is a great way to develop customer relationships, increase brand awareness and target your audience with precision. You've given it a go for a while, with some decent results. Now what? You know by now that content marketing isn't static. Things are always changing.

27 Tricks to Boost Blog Post Conversion Rates

It's frustrating right? You're knocking out tons of good blog posts, and people are liking them. Social media shares are on the rise. Traffic is steadily growing. You can feel the momentum building. But something is missing, and it's the thing you need most.

10 SEO Tactics Still Rockin' it in 2015

The sound of a hummingbird still drums in our ears. Google's now famous 'Hummingbird' algorithm update spelt the beginning of the end for traditional SEO tactics. And that was 2 years ago. The good news is it's actually made SEO so much easier.