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What is the Impact of Public Relations to a Company?

Learn the importance and the impact of public relations to a company.

Public Relations, Explained

Last month a digital marketing expert wanted to include our firm's public relations expertise in a new business pitch. "How many impressions can you guarantee the client each week?" he asked. Hard to believe, but even a seasoned marketing professional doesn't understand the basics of public relations.


IMPACT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS We live in a time of immense environmental complexity and change, and consequently corporations have been forced to significantly alter their strategies to better compete and survive. Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures represent a major dimension of corporate change over the past several decades.

The Impact of Public Relations

Think about the high performing companies you subscribe to and the image they portray on the web, in social media, and within your inbox. I'm a raving fan of a company that uses a monkey as part of their brand. Can you guess who that is? Mailchimp.

Public Relations - benefits

The term "public relations" is practically self-explanatory, yet over the years it has meant different things to different people. To some the term conjures up negative images of publicity "hacks," press agents, and propagandists. To others public relations means making corporations and other types of organizations more responsive to the demands of public opinion.

The Impact of Public Relations

According to, public relations is a form of communication primarily
directed toward gaining public understanding and acceptance. Public relations usually
deals with issues rather than products or services, and is used to build goodwill with the
public or an organization's employees. Public relations may include employee training,
the support of charitable events, or even a press release concerning positive community
involvement about an organization. Public relations influences the behavior of society
and anyone who has an effect on the organization's performance. (This includes
customers, employees, shareholders, voters, government regulators, special interest
groups, and so on.) This paper discusses the impacts of public relations (PR) on society
and my individual views.

The Global Economy and Public Relations: Impact and Outlook

On February 14, a group of senior corporate and agency PR executives came together, under the sponsorship of PRWeek and MSLGroup, to discuss a number of issues that had also been on the agenda of the World Economic Forum at Davos. One of the top questions: quantifying the impact of [...]

Importance of Public Relations and Crisis Management Planning to Your Business

Are public relations and crisis management planning important to your business? The answer is simple and direct. Public relations and crisis management planning are not only important to your business, they are both CRUCIAL to your business, regardless of your type of business.

Strategic Public Relations

Effective public relations and communication strengthens brand and reputation, gives stakeholders confidence and supports business growth. Sefiani Communications Group is highly regarded among other agencies and PR companies in Sydney. We are an independent public relations agency with a proven record for delivering communications programs that make an impact.