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Examples of Prosthetic Arm Challenge Project Designs

Here is a list of various sites that show the use of servo motors, Arduino, and other technologies for building a gripper or prosthetic arm. These links are provided to be a starting point for MESA teams working on the Prosthetic Arm Challenge.

The Arduino Prosthesis Using the Neurosky Mindwave

The Arduino Prosthesis is a low cost Prosthetic, a Brain Control Interface (BCI) device that can be fitted on to amputees' limbs. Mind-Waves - or more precisely the ability of the mind to focus and to concentrate - controls the Prosthetic.

My mini servo grippers and completed robotic arm

Whoah!, what happened here?! This is the work for a vacuum cleaner, to bad it did eat the part right above as well...:p A little time ago I made a robotic arm, without the gripper. So last week I draw a gripper that is compatible with a mini servo, I made two versions because I...

How to make a robot gripper!

video How to make a robot gripper! To make this project you will need: * A small blow torch or lighter * A glue gun * A Dremel or rotary tool * A few rotary tool bits(drill, sanding wheels and a cutting wheel) * A permanent marker * The Cutting pattern(can be found here

Cardboard Robot: open smart phone camera crane & robotic arm

Ken Ihara is raising funds for Cardboard Robot: open smart phone camera crane & robotic arm on Kickstarter! Open Source. Huge (span of nearly 6 feet) computer-controlled robot arm/camera crane. Clean up your room or take cool videos.

Robot Gripper Project: - IanJuby

Suitable for pretty much any age group from about grade 7 up, depending on how much preparation work you do beforehand. It can be made from a variety of materials such as cardboard with round toothpicks, to wood, plastic even metal and bolts. The choice is yours.

Simple Robotic Gripper

This is a small, 3D printable, robotic gripper that works by combining soft materials with rigid materials in order to create an articulated structure that can be actuated by string connected to a servo motor. The idea was inspired by the SDM fingers found on the Soft Robotics Toolkit.

4 Bar Linkage End Effector, Robot Gripper Animation

This is a End effector that uses a small standard size RC motor with a worm gear to to open and close the gripper. It uses a 4 bar linkage mechanism in it's design which i will be using for an upcoming robotics project.

The Claw.

This is how to build... The Claw. The Claw is my awesome 3 fingered robotic gripper. it is controlled with a servo, and can be attached to another servo which acts as a "wrist". To see what it should look like, there is a video here