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10 reasons why you should come to Topeka!

Kansas and its vital role in America's race relations is symbolized in the otherwise humdrum state capital of Topeka. Visit the capital, boasting the Kansas Museum of History, the Kansas State Capitol, dating back to 1866, and the Topeka Zoological Park. Come and enjoy the Porubsky's amazing horseradish pickles and home-grown 24 different varieties of apples by The Rees family!
This list will entice you to make a pitstop in Topeka, the state capital!

Kansas State Capitol

Come to the State Capitol and climb the 296 steps to the dome of the Capitol Building! It was reopened in 2014 after a $330 million renovation. Under the huge green dome, don't miss the fiery John Steuart Curry mural 'Tragic Prelude' featuring abolitionist John Brown! Also, see the important chambers like House of Representatives, Old Supreme Court etc.

Brown v Board of Education National Historic Site

A museum that commemorates the African American Topeka parents who took their case to the Supreme Court to end segregation in public schools, in the 1950s. The museum sits inside a once-segregated Monroe Elementary School, whose displays cover the whole Civil Rights movement.

Porubsky's Grocery

Hard by the old Santa Fe mainline close to downtown, this old Russian deli has been serving up simple sandwiches at its Formica counters since 1947. The chili (only Monday to Thursday) is best with piles of crackers. Try the housemade pickles, which burst with horseradishy goodness.

Kansas History Museum & Library

From a Cheyenne war lance to Carrie Nation's hammer, this engaging museum is packed with Kansas stories like Native American History, the settling of Kansas, the battles over Kansas statehood and more recent developments. Kansas has been the home to many restaurant chains from White Castle to the Harvey House chain to Applebee's, and the related exhibits are popular.

Combat Air Museum

Come and visit the Museum of the Kansas National Guard! The Combat Air Museum in Topeka, Kansas was organized in the Fall of 1976 as a wing of David Tallichet's Yesterday's Air Force. Today the Combat Air Museum has 36 aircraft representing WW1 to the present day, as well as a variety of aircraft engines, military vehicles, a simulated field kitchen, a field chapel, a German POW barracks, and military aviation art.

Bobo’s Drive-In

Hungry? Grab some burgers from Bobo’s Drive-In , famous for its thin, crispy-edged burger patties and its apple pie. Plop down at the five-person, horseshoe-shaped counter inside the diner or wait for a carhop outside if you’re in a rush. The best items sampled were Bobo's cheeseburger and handmade onion rings.

Topeka Zoo

The best known feature of the Topeka Zoo is the tropical rain forest which was impressive when it was built in 1974! You also must visit 'Animaland', a free children's play area! The most recent additions to the Topeka Zoo include Black Bear Woods (1996) and the Kansas Carnivores exhibit with mountain lions & North American river otters (2009).

Topeka Christmas Light Display Tour

Here is one of the most impressive Topeka, Kansas Christmas light displays worth going out of your way to see!
For over 20 years, the Kenny and Virginia Kingman Christmas Display has grown until nearly 30,000 lights fill their large north Topeka yard. It takes most of a month to set up the many cutout figures and buildings which populate the fictional town of "Nowheresville."


Dover: Sommerset Hall Cafe

Dover: Sommerset Hall Cafe

You must visit the Sommerset Hall Cafe whose Coconut Cream Pie was the national winner of Best Slice Challenge in November 2008! Since then, the Cafe became nationally famous! It has an interesting history. The building began as the Sage General Store in the late 1800s. The Sommerset Hall Cafe doubles as a local market now!

First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church in Topeka, Kansas was organized in 1859. The present (1884) building is very handsome, with hand carved furnishings which were installed in 1935. The best known features of the building are the 100 year old Tiffany Windows! Louis Tiffany visited Topeka and planned the windows which were installed in 1911 at a cost of $14,000.