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10 Things You'd Love To Know About House of Cards

Kevin Spacey has made Frank Underwood one of most lengendary characters we know in recent times. While we watch him brilliantly put together all the 13 cards to make the house of cards, here's a look at 10 things that you'd want to know about the show.

The set was previously a Macy's distribution center.

It was a 300,000+ sq. ft. warehouse in the fashion industrial district in Joppa, MD. Inside the building the following sets can be found: Oval Office, the Underwood home (upper lower and main levels), House of Congress, various state representative's offices, South Carolina governor's office, various plush hotel suites.

Kevin Spacey's bandaged hand.

While shooting promotional stills, Kevin Spacey had to hold a burning flag, but ended up burning his hand. He was forced to wear a bandage, which is why Underwood conveniently burns his hand with coffee and wears a bandage in episode nine.

Kevin Spacey was the first choice.

It's hard for us to imagine anyone other than Kevin Spacey to do more justice to Frank Underwood, turns out that's what the producers thought too! Kevin Spacey was the first and the only choice for the character.

The Party.

The party that Claire Underwood threw outside Hotel Cotesworth was actually shot outside a library!

Season 3.

Netflix accidently uploaded the third season online weeks before the official release! They took down the season minutes later!

President Obama watches the show too!

President Obama tweeted he watches the show by asking that no one reveal any spoilers before he could catch the latest episode.

Claire Underwood's role.

David Fincher offered the role of Claire to Robin Wright, with whom he had just worked on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). He convinced her by promising she would have input in the creation of the character

First Emmy for Netflix

When David Fincher won as the best director for House of Cards, it also marked Netflix's first emmy for an original production.


Michel Gill (President Walker) and Jayne Atkinson (Catherine Durant) are married in real-life!




Each season of the show costs roughly $100 million!