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squat exercise

Do you want to get fast results from your workout routine? Boost your overall fitness with this powerful squat exercise! This simple "leg" exercise can be done anywhere and no equipment needed at all. According to Dr. Mercola, squat exercise offers a lot of benefits throughout your entire body and your core.

11 Motivation Lessons: How to Prod Yourself Effectively

Finding what motivates you is one thing; it is quite another to stick with it. And even when you have already succeeded in identifying what motivates you, the temptation to give in to more convenient, easier things can be much more powerful than getting yourself up and going.

How to Get Started With Wheatgrass Juicing Journey

People have taken a curious interest on wheatgrass because of the health benefits it offers. Health buffs these days have their eyes on wheatgrass juice, the healthier beverage of choice. If you are planning on taking the natural road to a healthy you, here are some things you need to know to get you started on this juicing journey.

How to Sweat and Burn with Pilates: The Core Benefits

Doing physical exercises regularly brings you a wealth of health benefits. In many cases, however, you might find strenuous physical fitness programs either too exhilarating or unfit for your body type. These make you lose your interest and focus, ultimately keeping you from doing an otherwise enjoyable fitness activity.

5 Exercises to Gear Up Your Cardio Workout Routines

Aerobic exercise is casually referred to as "cardio" workout, and aptly so. These are essentially workout routines that condition your cardiovascular system - the heart and the lungs - to help them better perform. In other words, you can say that whenever your routine works your heart out and makes you catch your breath, you are actually doing aerobics or "cardio" exercises.

3 Reasons Why Weight Exercise Work for Women

"Lean but not so mean." This reasoning applies to so many women out there who simply want to look skinny and therefore, avoid weights during workout. They fear that this type of resistance equipment will give them bulkier muscles. This, however, couldn't be further from the truth.

How to Boost Your Running Stamina

Any fitness enthusiast who is into running and similar cardio exercises will tell you that your level of stamina can make or break your workout program. If you want to get the most out of your regular cardio regimen, you need to develop good stamina so you are able to sustain the intensity of the workout for at least half an hour.

5 Do-It-Yourself Weight Loss Techniques

Statistics reveal that in the United States alone, over 68% of adults are considered overweight or obese. In fact, one in 20 people suffer from extreme obesity! Not surprisingly, one of the most common dilemmas facing people today has to do with their weight.

Why You Should Say Yes to Yogurt Diet

The hit of the sour and the citrus dominates the taste of yogurt, and the sensation it gives to the palate may seem familiar to most. As more and more people become conscious with food intake, yogurt has become more than just an ingredient in many recipes for food and beverages; it is now a popular snack treat.

9 Valuable Ways Your Walking Routine Can Save Your Life

You know walking as exercise is good, but you may be having such a hard time squeezing it in your schedule. Maybe, you may have already started a routine but got tired of and dropped it all halfway. You are seriously missing out on some of the best health benefits that your body deserves!

5 Top Training Tips for Newbie Runners

More and more people are finding interest in running as a healthy activity. People of all ages now make running their daily exercise and participate in marathons and similar group running activities. But before you jump into the bandwagon, you will need to know the rules, and of course, train for it so you become physically ready.

Best Workout Routines for Your Body Type

Is getting in shape something you've been struggling with? Most of us may think we can't do anything with the type of body we have. There are some who have always been on the heavier side and wish they could drop those love handles.

How to Be Motivated from Building a Dream to Celebrating It

Motivation is quite intriguing as it is. You summon motivation by thinking and pursuing big things, as well as imagining life events that turn your whole life around. Other times, a simple yet realistic advice or an interesting story, whether fictional or otherwise, is all you need.

Ultimate guide to weight workouts for skinny guys

Tired of looking too lean? Want to transform into a muscular guy with a body to die for? For a skinny guy who wants to feel and look better than ever, targeting all the different muscle groups at the same time is the best way to go.

50 Minute Daily Cardio Workout Routine

Getting your heart pumping on a regular basis will turn those flabs into abs. Do this killer cardio workout routine for 3 sets in one day with a total of 50 minutes.

3 Powerful Workout Moves for Upper Body Strength

Like the buffed up guys you see on television and in the movies? When you've been the skinny or the stocky type all your life, you tend to think celebrities' bodies are definitely ideal but too good to be true - or more fittingly, too ideal for you.

How to Avoid Injury Throughout Your Weightlifting Workout

The principle behind preparing yourself physically (as well as mentally and emotionally) for a strenuous exercise routine is no rocket science. As with any task or activity that requires you to exert a lot of effort and can possibly be energy-draining, you need to make sure that you are well prepared for your weightlifting workout.

4 Commonly Misused Exercise Terms

Regardless of your level of experience as a fitness enthusiast, there is one thing you need to be able to learn: the meaning of specific terms used in workouts and exercises. It can be both confusing and awkward to be discussing fitness related topics and misuse important terminologies.

How to Pick the Weightlifting Routines That Match Your Fitness Goals

Are you looking to lose weight, build strength and achieve an ideal body form? Your resistance training and weight lifting exercises are crucial to attaining your health and fitness goals. In fact, research proves that you can effectively drop more pounds boost metabolism by combining weight training and cardio exercises that burn calories and replace fat with lean muscle.

Asthma and Athletics: Can They Really Go Together?

Asthma sufferers are hesitant to exercise or do sports out of fear that their condition will get in the way. Modern health and science tells us, however, that this is now a myth - and that there is no reason to hold on to this idea any longer!

Designing Your Total Weightlifting Workout Plan

A lot has been said about getting in shape. Talking about losing or gaining weight, firming up or getting toned and showing off a beautiful, healthy form is almost tantamount to discussing old news that never gets old - and for all the right reasons.

Nutrition for Weightlifting Workout Plan

When it comes to keeping good health, complete and balanced nutrition is indispensable. You simply can't target the health and body of your dreams without it. It's an irreplaceable piece of overall fitness and wellness. How important is nutrition to someone who does workouts and weightlifting routines? Picture how a car works.

How to get the proper training for your weightlifting workout routine

So, you now know that losing weight, gaining more energy, toning and overall fitness all require that you know why exercising is a must and how good nutrition contributes to the achievement of these goals. Got both of that squared away? Now you need to shift your focus on the specifics for your weightlifting routine.

Beginner Workout Routine: How to Get Started

Are you finally making that huge leap that will pave the way for a healthier, stronger and fitter body? If you've always dreamed of living a truly active and healthy life, chances are, you've had your doubts. You have most likely hesitated more than once, and had to rethink that decision.

Bodyweight Circuit Routine for Beginners

People do bodyweight circuit training particularly for muscle building, increased strength and fat loss. It enhances your muscle strength and cardiovascular stamina. As a versatile type of physical training, it is also known to improve the functioning of your heart and brain. It can be designed for people of all ages, capabilities and health levels.

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