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Software & Apps Development

Get solution for all types of web application and software develoment.

Big Data: Main Developments in 2017 and Key Trends in 2018

With the fast-changing world of the IT industry today and the shaping of businesses as an effect of it, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in all fields. And when talking about all IT industry, it is data that rules all. In a recent post published by KDnuggets, a platform with news and articles and tonnes of...

iOS 9 launch latest excitement bar for high buzzing users

Developers are sticking to iphone app development as the new features will make their work easier and more convenient. iOS is leading the mobile industry since few time and each time a new update or release is issued.

Easy programming with python mobile app development

If you are a computer savvy then you would like to automate few tasks that can make your job easy. Using Python programs can be break down into smaller modules that can be reused to decrease overall programming time and error.

Why you should upgrade iPhone 6s?

iPhone 6s and 6s plus contains varioud features which was not available in previous and any brand of searies. Before buying any smartphone take a look here on iPhone 6s review.

Easy python django development techniques for web development

Django is a robust web framework available with Python suite for rapid web development with clean coding techniques. Now python django development team can focus on python mobile development work and rest will be done by framework itself.

Improvement of Apple's latest iOS 9 Monarch updates

Apple's latest update iOS 9 includes improvement then previous updates which like intelligent spotlight, improved SIRI, Notes app, news app, Google Maps, Wallet app etc for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Can I remove iOS 9 from my iPhone, and reinstall iOS 8?

If you don’t like iOS 9 on your iPhone and wanted to downgrade to iOS 8 version again then here is expert advice by iOS application development team at NexSoftSys.

iPhone 7 Release Date Rumours, Features, and News

After succesfully launched of Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Apple might be going to launch iPhone 7 in 2016. Let's see check about its rumours, features and other functionalities.

Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9 may result into voluminous Internet bills

Have you iPhone with iOS 9 upgrade system? If yes then do you know that there are some situations when it may result into voluminous internet bills. Let's see in details why this happen.

Micro & Master Python Development Advantage and comprehensive courses

If you are interesting in learning programming then it was never easy as Python has made it. Get here what are the advantages for using micro python software programming. Do you know about master python development. It will save over 80% by learning its 6 comprehensive courses.

Apple introduces News App with iOS 9 system

Do you know about iOS 9 and its functions, Apple introduced News app with iOS 9 where you can browse all type of news at one stop only. Powerful built-in apps on your iPhone designed for the essential things you use them for every day.

iOS 8 vs iOS 9 – Which one is best companion for your Apple iphone?

iOS 9 will be freely available for all devices which are compatible with iOS 8, and you can upgrade even if you're still running iOS 7 and other versions.

iPhone Developers Leveraging Social Media for iPhone App Development

Do you know about how iphone programmers and developers are leveraging social media networks. Here we will discuss about how iphone apps can be quickly integrated with social media platforms and helping marketers in best possible way.

Apple Most Innovative Devices That Only a Few People Aware About

Apple magsafe power adapter is most wonderful invention that one of main features a magnetic DC connector that confirm your power cable will suddenly disconnect if it experiences undue damage and helps prevent fraying of the cable over time.

Apple mobile markets are expected to slow down by 2017

Apple mobile market is expected to handle second place levels but face a slowdown in the market share figures.

Complete Automation QA Testing Services Tools for a Technologies

We have turned our expertise into engineering, establish process models, and start with best exercise and automation QA tools to support our daily work and make each test engineer more innovative.

Modern Offshore Software Development with Foreign Trade

When putting together offshoring plans, companies hardly observe into the foreign currency trends of the destinations country. The volume of world market and finance is depend upon the currency exchange rate between different countries.

Manual QA with Understanding End-to-End Testing

It is very simply to action manual testing whilst saving enough time and effort by using the effective features. End to end software testing is import to convince the flow start to end without a bug.

How to Develop Scripting New Method Using Manual QA Testing

Scripting code has been popular way to build testware since the origin of interactive software. This involves manual QA tests to reduce the processing time and manual effort of replace testing.

Apple has applied to become one of the world greatest wholesaler

Apple has used these rules to turn the world’s most valuable company and one of the most powerful brands in global. Apple’s unique marketing strategy is a blend of classical and modern elements.

IOS apps still Control at Security conscious companies

IOS apps are said to be more secure and dominate compare than android. Also, apple device and app the different test case that have begged the question of security on the iOS platform.

Best android app search engines to give a try

Since the technology evolves, android app developers have brought best android app search engines that you can use to find your choice of application. These search engines perform like a regular search engine that you use to find other stuff.

How to Effectively Implement a Multicloud Application Integration Strategy

Multicloud Application integration is the need of the hour, as enterprises struggle to achieve seamless communication amongst their applications and data.

What you need to know about cloud security?

At any given moment, there is a massive amount of data being transmitted across networks. The world has certainly been reduced to nothing more than a global village, all thanks to the World Wide Web. It has become fairly easy to connect to someone sitting in another corner of the world. When we are connected…

How can IT Professionals Develop their Careers for IoT and Deal with Big data?

IoT or Internet of Things is the upcoming revolution in the digital world and is likely to produce more than 20.8 billion devices by 2020. This branch of technology is capturing the IT sector rapidly and is seeking competent candidates to fulfill the increasing demand. The Internet of Things has produced charismatic products and in the present year has devices more than the people residing in the world. Smartphones were capable to connect the people from various corners of the world. Now, IoT has the capability to connect every living and non-living things effortlessly with extreme brilliance.