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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 28.07 – 3.08.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 28.07 – 3.08.2015

It Now Only Takes A Swipe To Make The Perfect Instagram

Instagram is rolling out version 7.3 of its app on Android and apparently it is coming with more than just the expected new Explore feature. According to Droid Life, the update is bringing a new "edit" screen that condenses all edit and sharing features in one, including on-image swipeable filters!

If you created a LinkedIn account at any point in your life, you've probably grown accustomed to receiving a flood of daily emails that, in most cases, go straight to the trash bin. Thankfully, the career-building social network has now realized the spammy-ness of its ways, and it's making changes.

Top 70 Social Media Trends in July

July 2015 social media - The July 2015 social media ideas will offer considerable insight to advertising and marketing professionals looking for consumer insight that will ...

The Terminator comes to WWE 2K16, but you'll have to pre-order

While the wrestling industry is busy scrubbing Hulk Hogan from existence, WWE 2K16 has announced which wrestler you'll be able to earn by pre-ordering. The Terminator. You can play as the Terminator "only" if you pre-order, and two models will be included in the package: The Terminator from the original film, and one modeled after the sequel, Judgment Day.

Facebook users in Europe can now assign someone to manage their account when they die

Facebook users in the US have been able to nominate someone to manage their account pages after they pass away - allowing it to be turned into a sort of memorial, if desired - but the company has only just now started rolling the option out for UK users.

Raport "Media społecznościowe 2015"

Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest... świat social mediów to od dawna już nie tylko Facebook, ale społeczna nadaktywność w sieci nie jest wskazana. Lepiej mniej, a dobrze - przestrzegają eksperci. O tym, jak wybrać kanał odpowiedni dla naszej marki i jak skutecznie go wykorzystać piszemy w najnowszym raporcie

Pandora now lets you listen to an hour of music after you engage with an ad

Subscribing to Pandora One isn't the only way to avoid ads in your music session anymore: a new "Sponsored Listening" tool lets you listen to an hour of uninterrupted music if you engage with an ad before your stream begins.

LinkedIn Pages Get A New Admin Center

How much time and money have you invested to promote your business on LinkedIn lately? Yeah, I thought so... For some reason, LinkedIn has not managed to convince businesses - except for huge tech companies - to invest in its platform. Some say it get too expensive for SMBs, others claim the platform is just too...

Twitter launches event targeting

When major events like the World Cup take place, millions of people flock to Twitter to check out the buzz and voice their opinions. In many cases, these events present golden opportunities to marketers looking to connect with consumers through social media.

Carlsberg: probably (some of) the best marketing in the world

Disclaimer: I don't actually like Carlsberg. The taste, I mean. Yet somehow I seem to end up drinking it. And that's kind of the point. This article isn't about Carlsberg the beer. It's about Carlsberg the unbelievably successful marketing machine. Let's take a look at some of Carlsberg's best marketing efforts.

Google kills annoying pop-up ads that demand you download apps

It's an all-too-familiar experience on the mobile web: Click on a site and an ad overtakes your screen to ask you if you wouldn't rather stop reading and download the site's app instead. Does anyone ever want to do that? Obviously not, as common sense tells us, but Google needed proof.

Według Megapanelu największe grupy serwisów zyskały po 2-3 mln internautów - Internet - Newsy - - najnowsze ...

W serwisie internetowym Press znajdziesz informacje dotyczące mediów w Polsce i na świecie. Dowiesz się o reklamie, marketingu, public relations i Internecie.

Facebook Marketing Partner AdEspresso Launches Facebook Ads Gallery

AdEspresso, a Facebook Marketing Partner, announced recently the launch of the Facebook Ads Gallery. The tool allows Facebook advertisers to get some inspiration from successful completed campaigns. Users can search for certain keywords, placements (such as mobile/desktop News Feed and right-side rail), verticals and objectives.

Why Two Billboards in Massachusetts Were Made to Look Like They're Not Even There

There are lots of ways to make billboards more appealing. You can turn them into art. You can make them into homes or playgrounds. You can get them to help the environment. Or you can just completely white them out. The latest response to billboard blight? Seamlessly blending them into their surroundings.

Snapchat Drops Yahoo, Warner Music From Discover

Six months after Snapchat launched its publisher portal Discover, the mobile messaging app has dropped two media companies in favor of ones that would appear to appeal more to Snapchat's young audience. On Monday Snapchat replaced Yahoo's and Warner Music Group's Discover channels and added channels for BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio.

Instagram's Ad Sales Are Expected to Top $2 Billion by 2017

Instagram will generate almost $600 million in ad sales this year, according to eMarketer's first report on the photo-sharing mobile app. The research firm also predicted Instagram will earn $2.81 billion in ad sales by 2017, outselling Google and Twitter when it comes to U.S. display ads.

Ad of the Day: M&M's Heads Into the Bedroom for a Little 'Tainted Love'

Occasionally, M&M's ventures into PG-13 territory, often with amusing results. One of the candy brand's best ads, from 2008, showed Blue licking himself-much to the horror of the woman who walks in on him.

Ad of the Day: Eli Manning and Tony Romo Do Their Best Rob Lowe for DirecTV

DirecTV killed its long-running Rob Lowe campaign in April after more than six months of spots in which the actor introduced pathetic versions of himself-the kind of guy who has cable instead of DirecTV. But now, the campaign is back, with NFL stars stepping into Lowe's shoes but with the setup otherwise basically intact.

Facebook is testing new tags for your profile page

Have you ever looked at your Facebook profile page and lamented that the one thing it was missing was - profile tags? You know, like the ones on LinkedIn that purport to list your professional skills so colleagues and potential employers can instantly see what you are good at?

Send messages via WhatsApp or Viber in Google Now

Google Now just got an update so you can ask it to send messages using your favorite services. In the past, you could say "OK, Google, send a message to Owen" and it would just send via your default messaging app.

This French Drink Brand Took 7 Days to Post the World's Slowest Facebook Status

Pulco, a French drink brand owned by Orangina Schweppes, is a default summer drink. (Because when else would you have a cool citrus-lemon beverage?) And amid an epic heat wave recently, it capitalized on that positioning with #LaParesseADuBon.

TD Bank Gets Absurdly Cinematic to Show Off Its Drama-Free Banking

You expect big-budget, slam-bang drama from Hollywood action movies. But doing simple banking chores like depositing checks shouldn't make you feel like you're trapped in an out-of-control Michael Bay production. Ad agency Tierney develops that fun storyline in a trio of spots, using familiar cinematic tropes to illustrate how TD Bank provides a better experience for its customers.

Facebook Ad Examples - Thousands of Real Ads with 1 click

Search the largest gallery of Facebook Ads Examples for Free. See what other advertisers (and your competitors) are doing on Facebook!

Object-Swapping Apps : Shufl

Shufl - Rather than having people shell out their hard-earned cash for a shiny new item, Shufl introduces a new way to acquire desired items. The app hosts...

Drony w akcji Big Milka, czyli jak połączyć technologię z eventami

Drony w akcji Big Milka, czyli jak połączyć technologię z eventami | Internetowy serwis o reklamie i marketingu. Najnowsze kampanie, kreacje i trendy.