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The Benefits of Having a GPS Tracker

The crime rate keeps on increasing in every part of the world and a lot of highly valuable objects have been, and will, be stolen. It doesn’t matter how irrelevant you think an object or equipment is to others if it is something that is very expensive you should make sure you install a GPS tracking system.

Got a Fleet Business? GPS shows you where, when and how your people drive.

Imagine having a real-time database of your vehicles and drivers that’s fast, easy-to-use and detailed. Manage your team better. Overview of all vehicle destinations. See when your drivers start and finish their work or when they go for lunch. Dangerous driving style is highlighted.

What is GPS Tracking?

Global positioning system (GPS) tracking is the use of satellites along with a GPS device to track the location of a person or object on or near the surface of the earth. GPS tracking requires the use of four or more satellites in a medium orbit around the earth to calculate the position of a tracking device within a fairly accurate degree of proximity. A GPS tracker can take a variety of forms and serve several different functions, but the overall process used by them is mostly similar. The three basic types of GPS trackers are data pushers, data loggers, and data pullers.

Advantages of Having a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Installed

Find out exactly what options your plan covers and what the monthly service fee is. Make sure also, that your system is being installed by someone who is licensed to do so.

3 Major Gps Tracking Advantages and Disadvantages

A GPS also known as a Global Positioning System is a great technology that is used to track objects around the world. The technology was developed by the US military in an attempt to make success more seamless for the military - this technology is now being used all over the world and it is highly reliable that it is very clear that this technology will be of more importance in the near future.

Benefits of GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking -

GPS fleet tracking technology has made vast improvements in terms of features and functionality in recent years, providing a number of advanced benefits. Simple track-and-trace functionality still exists, but new features allow for holistic and multi-dimensional fleet management. Concrete and general contractors can use a GPS fleet tracking and asset management solution to streamline communications and manage projects.

Tracking the business benefits of GPS - NZBusiness

My husband knows how to drive home; really, he does. But ever since we started trialling a GPS device from TomTom in our car he prefers to let the TomTom tell him how to do it. He says it's great because instead of using his energy on realising where he is and where he's going, he can think of 'more important things.'

What Are the Advantages of GPS?

by Contributing Writer Historically, military technology finds its way into the civilian marketplace over time. Many gadgets used today were once unavailable for purchase, and GPS devices arrived in the consumer market in the same way. Military operations aside, owning a device that uses GPS can be useful.

What Are the Benefits of Using GPS in Business?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides satellite tracking services that are useful in a wide range of commercial and personal applications. Using GPS in business can carry distinct benefits ...