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Guidelines To Be Followed By Aspiring Models

Here are quick guidelines that will bring out the best in you as a model.

How to Get Your Child Hired as a Model

Can't you just see your gorgeous child in a magazine ad--once you get that frosting off his or her face? Modeling is not a piece of cake. It's tough, demanding work for you and your child, and involves dealing with tight schedules, rejection and impatient art directors. But if your child is patient, easy going and comfortable in front of strangers, it may be worth a shot.

How To Become A Model - Wolf's Models Guide

If you want to be signed up by an agency, you do not need a portfolio. Check out the submission guidelines on their websites: Generally, one clear headshot and one full-length shot are all they want to see initially. These do not need to be produced professionally.

Modelling Tips

Not all of my points will be valid for you as posing varies in each genre. Just take what you can and ignore the rest. If only one suggestion helps your future career then my time has been well spent.

A Note to Aspiring Models | Fstoppers

People often think that modeling is just about looks. This misconception turns a beautiful person into just a body with no skills. Modeling is not about having the perfect "looks." The key to successfully modeling is the mindset. With just one thought, a photographer can take his or her models to the next level.

How to Be a Model | The Ultimate Guide to Become a Model

There is always someone who wants to be the next Kate or Naomi, but despite what the movies tell us, becoming a model isn't just about being tall and beautiful. It's about having the uniqueness, talent and drive to back up those looks. In this article, we will give you some tips that will hopefully teach you how to be a model.

What Are the Best Tips to Become a Male Model?

The life of a male model is not always as glamorous as sometimes portrayed. It takes hard work and determination to succeed in the fashion industry, which has a number of criteria for aspiring models. To become a male model, one needs to be of a certain height and, often, have a low percentage of body fat.

How to Do Well in an Interview With a Modeling Agency

If you've been invited for an interview with a modeling agency, congratulations! Do well in the interview and you are on your way to a potentially successful career.

Young Child Models - Bettina Management

Bettina Management is a child modelling and talent agency working with Australia's biggest lifestyle and fashion brands across all industries. Bettina have developed long-standing relationships with expansive client list and offer the absolute best exposure for Australian talent. Bettina's distinctive professionalism and prompt service are evident in dealing with parents and clients alike.