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Updated by Chris Gooner on Jul 25, 2015
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Ranking the Batman Movies (1989 onwards)

Not all the Batman movies have been great down the years, but the journey of this epic superhero tale has been one that many will forever pursue. With the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, it is of huge debate as to how Ben Affleck will even rank among Batman actors, and how this movie will rate to recent hits...

Here is my personal list of Batman movies ranked:

'The Dark Knight' - the most epic Batman movie to date

"See I'm not a monster... I'm just ahead of the curve"... one of the many great lines to come out of The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger will forever be remembered for his portrayal as the Joker. The movie takes on multiple plot lines and integrates them together to create an intense climax. A menacing masterpiece.

'Batman Begins' - the Batman franchise reinvigorated

After the circus act of 'Batman and Robin', Christopher Nolan stepped in to direct Batman back into the hearts of all movie lovers. Going back to origins of Batman, this movie announced the arrival of the Dark Knight.

'Batman' - a game changing movie

Tim Burton directing his first Batman movie to epic proportions. With Michael Keaton in the lead role, Jack Nicholson playing the Joker perfectly, Batman was transformed into a worldwide superstar.

'Batman Returns' - a darker Gotham with Penguin and Catwoman

You just cannot forget this Batman movie. Set at Christmas time, it features Danny DeVito as the Penguin, Michael Keaton as Batman, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

'The Dark Knight Rises' - the epic finale to the Dark Knight trilogy

Batman (played by Christian Bale) has to overcome intense physiological and physical hurdles to save Gotham from being destroyed by Bane. It was voted as one of the best films of 2012 but received mixed reviews from the critics.

'Batman Forever' - when the circus arrived...

A Batman movie everyone would like to forget! It had Val Kilmer as Batman, over the top visual effects, wacky costumers, and Tommy Lee Jones trying to be Jack Nicholson. If you want to remind yourself with everything that was bad about, watch the video, but you have been warned.

'Batman and Robin' - the one with Clooney and Mr Freeze

One of the many parodies to take a shot at the 'Batman and Robin' movie. It is an easy choice to select this Bat-flick as the worst Batman movie I have seen...