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Updated by Maulik Shah on Sep 20, 2015
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Cloud Computing - What it Holds for Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare industry is transforming by adopting the latest cloud storage technology, which is modern data storage technology making healthcare industry avail the latest data storing system trend. Leveraging the benefits of IT ecosystem, healthcare industry has also started to adopt the technological changes like other industries. It can now use intuitive features of cloud computing system and make the big data management process simple and more effective.

Top Challenges at Workplace While Implementing BYOD in Enterprises

Modern executive have started adapting the latest trends and culture to stay ahead in the race of modernization. Thus, organizations are getting new face by infusing the ever changing technology. The term BYOD is expected to revolutionize organizations looking forward to making workplaces highly flexible. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the next generation policies that will definitely hit the company rule book in near future.

The Dirty Truth - Technology is Ruling Our Life!

It has a positive side about which everyone knows. As every coin has two sides, technology also has a flip side that is widely neglected. Everyone is just interested in knowing about the advantages it offers. Modern age population is glad that technology has made their lives quite simple. But at the same time we cannot neglect the bitter truth that “Technology has made us PUPPETS.”

6 Steps to Successful Company Culture

Building a great organization might be a huge challenge for the business owners. Can it be created in a single day? No, not at all! It takes great deal of real efforts, relevant experiences and valuable time to create a favorable work environment. Company culture includes the way of behaving, treating and contributing to take the organization ahead on the path of success. No organization has a rulebook that teaches how to build winning company culture at the workplace.

Top Time Management Tips For Smart Project Managers

Time management is the biggest quality of a smart project manager making him worth the designation he holds. Be it a small firm or a huge enterprise, it is the management department that makes every department function smoothly. For making the project development process function seamlessly, taking proactive measures becomes crucial. It takes right efforts, dedication and time management to work on the project and deliver within the deadlines.

How 3D Printing Revolutionizes Medical Industry

Have you ever thought of the era, where printing of the human organs, cells, tissues etc. would be possible? If not, prepare yourself for the most amazing and unbelievable invention, 3D printers. It is recently introduced in the market for commercial application. Printers that print 3D cells, organs and more, isn’t it amazing? It might sound like science-fiction, but it is reality. Scientists and researchers are working upon this new technology trend and trying to bring the biggest revolution in the medical industry.

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