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Business Advantages of Geolocation Based Services

Among the most popular applications in the market, location based app is one. These location apps are specially designed for smartphone users who want to receive reminders and notification when they are at a particular place. However, to get location based reminders you should enable the GPS feature on your phone.

Location-based Marketing for Small Businesses

As Internet users become increasingly mobile-savvy, they rely on smartphones and other mobile devices to discover new businesses, find directions, read consumer reviews, and access business contact information. One way local small businesses can take advantage of this trend is through the use of location-based marketing.

What Can You Do with Location-Based Marketing?

Marketing has always been about sending the right message to the right person, at the right place and time. The digital world opened up new possibilities that marketers have been quick to pounce on-such as targeting customers based on where they are online, and personalizing through browsing context as well as back-end business intelligence.

Consumers use their mobile devices for more than just sending text messages and making phone calls. Today, consumers use mobile devices to let their social networks know where they are eating, shopping and visiting using location-based mobile networks such as Yelp and Foursquare.

4 Location-Based Marketing Tactics That Are Working

With marketers allocating more advertising spend to mobile, a number of recent campaigns highlight how brands are now going beyond basic apps and sites to prominently play up location. Here are four interesting examples within the past few months that demonstrate what's happening in mobile and where brands are investing most right now.

Working the Local Angle: Benefits of Location-Based Technology

With the rapid adoption of smartphones in the United States, marrying marketing with technology and location can bring in more sales and satisfied customers for restaurant and hotel operators. As of last year, two-thirds of Americans owned a smartphone, according to The Nielsen Co., and location-based technologies, including beacons and geo-fences, are giving hotels and restaurants access to customers in a whole new way.

10 Ways Location-Based Marketing Will Evolve in 2015

Smartphones have grown increasingly more sophisticated in recent years, allowing consumers to do everything from buying a new outfit to watching their favorite TV shows. It's clear mobile technology will only continue its gradual domination of the technology landscape in 2015, with consumers moving toward mobile over PC. 1.

4 Reasons Location-Based Services Will Become a Thing Again in 2015

Here's an experiment: The next time you head out to lunch, compare the restaurant's icon on your mapping application to the location on the door. The odds are that the icon will be at least 20 meters away from the door itself. For a consumer, that's not going to stop them from finding lunch.

Advantage of Location Centric Marketing Apps

Geo based application has location search features which give retailers a deep insight of consumer behavior. This location based app facilitate user to access any information Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile Marketing is Huge in 2015 So Take Advantage With These Tips

By: Design By Friday on It was only a few years ago that eMarketing was the next big thing as it offered numerous benefits and changed the way many businesses approached marketing in general.

Can a Geo-based App Boost your Business?

If you're a restaurant owner or run a coffee shop, you might have noticed some customers feverishly use their smart-phones around your place of business. In all likelihood, they're 'checking-in' to your restaurant or shop using a location-based app. This, essentially is the concept of geo-location and it is not new.

Evolution of Location-Based Applications

Sharing your location with friends in the past required calling or texting to let them know where you are, with the directions. Nowadays, thanks to our smartphones, location sharing has become very easy.