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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 14.07 – 20.07.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 14.07 – 20.07.2015

Twitter Announces Video Ads For App-Installs

Twitter needs to turn a profit, and it's clear that video advertising is probably the way, as is with most other social networks. Over a year ago the company announced that it was allowing app-install ads, and now it is finally launching promoted videos for app installs.

Ad of the Day: Droga5 Lightens Up Acne Cream Category With Comic Spot for Clearasil

For teens, acne is no laughing matter. But Droga5 figured it was worth shaking up a category that's traditionally brimming with confidence but very little comedy. The New York agency's first commercial for the brand breaks today, and leans into the concept of reassurance rather than confidence.

Facebook Adding Thumbs-Up Like Emoticon to Desktop Chat?

Some Facebook users are starting to see the thumbs-up like emoticon appear in desktop chat. Reader Matteo Gamba of TransferWise shared the screenshot below. Readers: Have you seen anything similar?

Facebook is reportedly building a virtual assistant

Facebook is reportedly working on a virtual assistant, according to The Information. Sources say that Moneypenny, as the project is currently known, will be available via Facebook's Messenger app and will allow users to ask real people for help with research and shopping.

Google Inbox now auto-suggests a reminder when it sees you emailing yourself

Ever send yourself an email just so you don't forget to do something later? Google's caught on, so its Inbox app will now suggest you set a reminder instead. Anytime you input your own email into the recipient box on the app, A little pop up will appear asking you whether you'd rather set a reminder via the app instead.

Yes, Google Photos Can Still Sync Your Photos After You Delete The App

Google's recently rebooted Photos app might be syncing your photos without you realizing it. David Arnott, an editor at the Nashville Business Journal, writes that he found it was doing just that after he installed the app to test it out and subsequently changed his mind about using it - deleting it from his Android phone and thinking that was the end of Google's access to his photos.

Experience Turkish Airlines Live On Periscope

There are some air carriers that truly rock social media. No one can forget KLM's brilliant executions or British Airways' billboard. With more and more brands realising there's indeed an ROI in social media, many airlines are stepping up their game and yield impressive results. Also Read: There Are 92 Million Expats On Facebook, And...

Snapchat update puts news before stories from your friends

Snapchat just made its news content a lot more difficult to ignore. In the update, which rolled out to the iOS app on Monday, the company redesigned the stories section of its app to emphasize content from its media partners. The Sstories screen of Snapchat now prioritizes discover and live stories over the ones from your contacts.

WhatsApp Brings Major Changes To Its Desktop Version

We all know that the Web version of WhatsApp has been around for a while, however, we couldn't spot significant changes and updates throughout the past year. That was until a few days ago, when the messaging platform rolled out changes that could help its web presence receive a serious usage boost.

Są dobre akcje marketingowe, są też złe. No i jest ta akcja LG na Twitterze

Są dobre akcje marketingowo-PRowe, są też złe. Nie jestem pewien, do której z tych kategorii zaliczyć pomysł LG na „chwytliwy" tweet. Serio nie wiem. Zobaczcie zresztą sami. Nie przegapcie hashtagów. Od kilku dni polskie media społecznościowe żyją sprawą młodego człowieka, który okaleczył swoją twarz na wzór swojego idola rapera o wdzięcznym pseudonimie Popek, który zwany jest również jako samozwańczy król Albanii.

A Guy Gave A Facebook Account To The World And Things Got Very Weird

Veix told BuzzFeed: "A while back someone attempted to hack into an email address I had set up for a novelty social media account, so I changed all of my personal passwords in a paranoid frenzy. This got me thinking about account security and the individualistic assumptions of social media."

Theater Video Games : theater video game

In order to make the experience of going to the movie theater as entertaining as possible from start to finish, select screenings of the new Terminator Genisys movie will be presented with an in-theater video game. Paramount released this interactive game at a few AMC IMAX locations, requiring people to have a mobile device on hand in order to use it as a controller.

Red Bull Alert makes you feel bad for hitting snooze on your alarm clock

In a world where you can get instant feedback about how much energy your house is using, how many steps you've taken today and how much REM sleep you got last night, it should come as little surprise that there's now an app to track how good you are at waking up.

After Working With the Same Agency Since 1981, American Airlines Launches Global Review

American Airlines' global creative and media accounts are up for review as the marketer prepares to retire the US Airways brand after acquiring the rival carrier. American's longtime agencies McCann Erickson, New York, and its affiliate in Dallas, TM Advertising, will defend the creative business.

Pluto Finally Gets Its Picture Taken, and Some Brands Do Their Own Flybys

On Tuesday morning, NASA showed the world that it's finally gotten around to visiting our solar system's favorite not-a-planet-anymore, Pluto. On Instagram, the once-blurry dot in space was featured in glorious high-res for all humankind to behold. And brands, of course, wanted in.

The Brand That Scored the Most Digital Attention at Wimbledon Wasn't Even a Sponsor

If you were lucky enough to be at Centre Court at Wimbledon this year, you may have treated yourself to a refreshing Pimm's Cup-the classic Wimbledon cocktail made with Pimm's, lemonade, mint, fruit and cucumber-while you watched Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams win big.

Kit Kat funduje przerwę modelom z innych reklam

W jaki sposób zaszczepić ludziom koncepcję „Have a break", którą charakteryzuje się baton Kit Kat? Oczywiście reklamą, a najlepiej taką, które już istnieje :-). W Kolumbii marka należąca do koncernu Nestlé zaangażowała modeli, którzy użyczyli swojego wizerunku w kampaniach innych marek. Kit Kat przygotował alternatywne wersje już istniejących billboardów stosując jedną zmianę: modele mieli przerwę :-).

'Nude' Baristas Take Over a Coffee Shop for Nestlé's New Creamer Campaign

For Nestlé's Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss all-digital campaign that launches today, the brand's marketers wanted to do something with a little shock value. So they took over an Irving Farm Coffee Roasters store in New York on April 24 with baristas wearing essentially nothing but body paint.

Google will finally add native visual voicemail support to Android M, with a catch

Android fans may like to tease Apple users for only recently implementing certain features they've had for a while, but one place Google has lagged behind Apple is native visual voicemail, which iPhones have supported since the original 2007 model. Android M will finally catch up.

Masujący billboard Kit Kat

I kolejna kampania batonika Kit Kat w Kolumbii. Po „ reklamowej przerwie " nadszedł czas na relaks. Mieszkańcy Bogoty dzięki interaktywnym billboardom mogli zaczerpnąć odrobinę przyjemności za sprawą oferowanego im (przez urządzenie) masażu. Wystarczyło „przykleić się" do kreacji. Lokalizacje wszystkich billboardów można było odszukać za pomocą Google Maps.

Nowy sposób naliczania opłat na YouTube: reklamy TrueView

Home " Marketing " Nowy sposób naliczania opłat na YouTube: reklamy TrueView 16/07/2015 fot. esther vargas/cc/ Często słychać, że reklamy zaczynają przesłaniać YouTube'a i nie jest to już miejsce pełnej swobody i przejrzystości. Dla osób popierających tę opinię nie ma dobrych wieści. Pojawił się nowy model tworzenia reklam i naliczania opłat.

Viewing time on YouTube grew 60% last quarter

More 18- to 49-year-olds in the US now "tune into" YouTube than any cable network, Google executives said in an earnings call with investors today (June 16). The search giant's online video platform saw a 60% rise in viewing time in the second quarter compared to a year prior.

Spotify's musical map shows which songs are most popular in 1,000 cities

The global music industry gets a bad rap for churning out catchy tunes to appeal to the largest possible audience. But as it turns out, taste in music is, at least to some degree, still distinctly local. Such is the finding of music streaming service Spotify, which created an interactive map with the most played songs in nearly 1,000 cities around...

Flipagram signs deal to bring real music to its short photo and video stories

Flipagram - an app that you probably have never heard until right now which has amassed over 33 million users - has struck a deal with major labels, independents, and publishers, giving it access to their considerable music libraries.

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